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Hi everyone- I'm Cherise a new member. Started ordering L.P.'s in March this year but just now joined the forum. My cherry avatar and name is more for fun and not an indication that I'm a cherry aficianado. Other than the seasonal sweet black cherry or a maraschino topping a sundae cherries do not hold a big place in my heart. :)


But I will share with you some scents that I loved when I ordered 2 sampler sets for newbs back in March.


Loved: Tease w/ Lace- because of it's powdery sweet Marily Monroe goddes scent

Soaked w/ Audacious- perfect for the beach

LP Red- just mmmm

BBM w/ cops- most hits

Liked: Strange Attractors- fun

Cougar- sexy

and a handful of others I really liked but the afore mentioned stand out the most

Disliked: Honey Love Potion w/ Gotcha was the only one that didn't agree with me. I must be too

sensitive to strong honey scents.

Rediscoverd: Goddess of the Blue Moon- at first whiff I thought no not for me but the other day I

gave it a second chance, let it marinate and was surprised how much I liked it and

impressed of it's staying power.


See ya around the forum! -Cherise

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Welcome, Cherise! Isn't Tease divine? You should try Garland and Lace. The spice component is very similar to my nose. Don't be afraid of honey scents due to your experience with Honeyed LP. I also have trouble with honeys, and once in awhile, i will find one that is wonderful!

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Hey welcome. We sound pretty similar in taste. :) I've a hunch you'd like unreasonable pumpkin.

I did the exact same thing with GotBM - I thought it was fine but over more use I've fallen in love.

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I love Goddess of the Blue Moon!

Also, Tease & Red. You've got quite a few good LPs :). Sorry you did not like Honeyed LP. Sometimes our own chemistry will just not cooperate ;)

There are lots of different honeys, you may find one you like, or not. Thats one of the many great benefits of being part of the forum. Enjoy :purr:

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Welcome Cherise!


I don't post a ton, but you'll find this forum a remarkable resource... Just reading you're sure to find answers to most anything you need to know! But don't hesitate to ask either, the community here is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with their experiences!


Have fun!



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Welcome! :heart708:


Mmm... BBM, Tease (I LOVE the smoke in that!), RED, Cougar Potion.... :purr::girlHeart-5: You have a nice start to your stash! Look forward to "seeing" you around the forum :D

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