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Complementary Pheros

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So your ready to go out.. your all dressed up and you spray on some Heart & Soul maybe a dab of OCCo in the cleave. Your guy is ready and wearing a scent enhanced Phero.

Now, how will these pheros get along? really?

If we have to be careful about mixing pheros on ourselves, I know this is to a lesser degree but what about a couple? Should they wear pheros that compliment each other? ..can a bad phero coupling cancel things out or worse ruin the date?

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I'm a fan of both people wearing the same thing, like Perfect Match or Open Windows. But whether or not they will get along depends on what it is. If you each wear something you know the other will respond positively to, then it should be okay.

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I can see that would be ideal Luna.

But say I do LFN? know what I mean?

I think a great thread or list somewhere listing compatible Male/Female blends would be good. Say I wear Gotcha.. ok what is good for the guy to wear? If he goes high A'nol will we just not be in sync?

I honestly need to spend a bit more time on the male pheros I cant really give an example there.

I have really spent all my time on the ladies stuff.

I just thought well humm some are probably complementary and others may be counterintuitive.

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I don't think it would be possible to clash as a couple. You mean between one another? Or the impact of both of you on other people? I would think that people would respond to you each individually. And the people in the couple would respond to one another's phero.

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