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sugared honeysuckle


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I have always loved the smell of honeysuckle. It's a summer and spring smell, and when I was growing up we always had a whole fence worth of it growin in my backyard. My mom left it up there when she killed all the other weeds because she knew how much I loved it.

This is the PERFECT rendition of that perfect smell, with just enough sugar to sweeten it up perfectly. I MUST have a bottle (or two) of this.

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This is one of the best honeysuckle notes I've sniffed! It is a little strong and a touch soapy on its own on me but mixed with Sugared Pure it's just gorgeous, the Sugared Pure helps to add that fresh watery syrupy sugar note that I remember from real honeysuckles. The sillage is fantastic too!

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This is amazing, I'm surprised there are not more reviews of this, especially since it is on the 3g list.


It is a bright clean crisp sweet honeysuckle. Very clear scent with a magnificent throw and lasting power. It is not overpowering or sickly sweet but is may be a bit girly for some.


It starts out as an innocent aroma - begging you to get closer for a deeper whiff and then your trapped in a cloud of deliciousness.


I want to get another bottle before this is gone for good.


I wore it with happy water and it was a great compliment - they supported each other nicely

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