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Cinnamon Vanilla Musk


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What a gorgeous, simple, feminine scent! This would fit right into Mara's musk line from last year. First on, for some crazy reason, this reminded me of Halo's Lavender Musk. It must have been the sweetness and musk. The cinnamon is candy-like, more like red hots than the spicy cinnamon. I don't get a ton of vanilla at first, but it comes out more as time goes on. This is one of those "out of the pores" scents, which I adore. It's so incredibly feminine without being girlish. So glad I snagged this!!


I think this is sold out, but if you were a fan of the musk line, you'll definitely want to grab this if it pops up on the trade board!

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It's very light too. My initial thought was that it would remind me of LP Red with that "in yo face" cinnamon scent but this is remarkably light and close to the skin. This might be a cinnamon I could wear to work.

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