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Question regarding cops/pheros vs. perfume on hair/clothing


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Hi, everyone:

As a newbie, recently I had a question about applying cops (and

was advised by forum members.."to be sure they dried

down completely, do not get in hair or on clothing", etc.).

Does that mean that LP perfumes (that have no cops

and/or no pheros) can be used in your hair (or on

clothing)? ...Or are there properties in the perfume/scents ~

that should not be used in that way as well?

Thanks everyone for your help!

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I think cop free stuff can be used in your hair. I have heard of some people applying Topper and even Cougar to their hair. :)


The only time I wore a product exclusively on my clothing was when I was using another company's product- not LPs. It just so happened that the products actually worked better and were more consistent that way.

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Not only can you - some perfumes smell different an even better in hair than on skin (for me)- probably a skin chemistry vs scent locket type difference. Eg regal confection, Lp sunfire, Lp red, and candy apple cutie (to name a few) I highly recommend trying in hair :)

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Perfume is ok on hair, in the sense that you won't get the dirty CUCHI head effects that the cops would give off. I have a couple of fragrances (in oil) that I "accidentally" get in my hair. I'll swipe across my palm then wipe through my hair.

Just be aware that sprays scents or pheros have alcohol in the mix, which can, over time, dry your hair out a bit.

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