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Suggestion for Concert (Date-ish?) Scents/Pheros

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I figured I'd throw this out there in case there are scents or pheros I might be advised to try that I'd then attempt to get samples of.


Anyway, a guy that I'm into and I made plans to go to this super sexy concert together. We've known each other for a while (same one that I mentioned in my introductory post). Dinner + seats at this concert + we'll probably head out for more drinks and dancing after. I have no idea if this is a date or not, lol, but I figured maybe I'd be bold and approach it like it is and try to throw out more of a saucy "hey, let's get together" vibe. I won't be disappointed either way since I do love our friendship.


I'm not focused on attempting to target one person or anything with pheros. I know they won't make something happen that isn't there. I've had great self-effects with SS4W. He responds decently well to Gotcha in that he winds up being more protective. I have some bottles of great scents and great pheros, and samples of a bunch of things so I'd appreciate some suggestions. I was just confused because this outing contains aspects that are both social and a bit more intimate so I don't know what would be appropriate. I was kind of thinking Midnight Masquerade + LFM but wasn't really sure.


Thank you for any help/ideas/suggestions!

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Gotcha since he has responded well. Otherwise, SS4W with a dab of cops or PP with cops.


What kind of concert is it? Do you expect yourselves to be dancing and singing along (as you have mentioned, MM will be good) or just sit down thoughout the evening to enjoy the performance (something feminine and light such as Sensual Harmony perhaps?).


Most importantly, enjoy relax and enjoy yourself!

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You could always try an alcohol spray at the beginning of the night in something (like open windows, levitation, or LFN--even Lumina) if you have it, and then after you've been

sweating dancing for several hours, switch to small dab of something more romantic since the alcohol spray should have worn off by then if you didn't get it on your clothes or hair.

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Honestly, since it's a concert ( what's a "super sexy concert"?) If I had it, I'd do Audacious.

Concerts and more rarefied events are a chance to step outside yourself and showcase a facet of your personality you may not often get to display. Don't go crazy, get wasted or become completely inappropriate or someone unrecognizable, keep control ...just allow a freed up part of YOU to shine through.

If you don't have Aud. I'd do the Gotcha (you know this works here) with a couple sprays of Topper. (or DHEAS) Or Open windows with Topper.

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Haha, I described it as super sexy only because the singer (Miguel) kind of reminds me of a modern day Prince (or the Artist Formerly Known As, or whatever symbol he goes by now, lol). So the sort of music is definitely lending itself to a particular atmosphere.


And don't worry! I'd never go crazy and try to be someone who I'm not. I enjoy me!


Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions as always!

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Sorry I didn't update, everybody! I was under the weather for the last several days and then some. I still have the tiniest speck of a cough yet, but overall, I'm all better.


So I went to the concert, and I went with SS4W because it makes me feel like superwoman when I wear it and I had one of those clear moments of "I should be wearing this for me and how I feel" and less for my targeted person. Because it's all about confidence and having fun even if nothing comes of it.


And we had a good time! I mean, this guy and I are never short for conversation so dinner was chill and then the show itself was also fun. It was kind of hard to dance because we both were holding coats! There was no coat check and that night it happened to be freezing out (which didn't help, as I'd dressed a bit bolder than I usually do, and was in a short skirt and prior to going in was dyyyiiiinnnnggg). We had great tickets so it was cool to be super close to the artists and sometimes some of the openers seemed to be way too into themselves and we just sort of cracked jokes a ton.


As far as anything further, I'm still in the same grey zone of more than a friend, but less than romantic. But it's okay. One day at a time and I appreciate all the time we spend together regardless.

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