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How to Mitigate Odd/Negative Cops Reactions from Women?

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I do not wear a boatload of cops. I am not a slatherer of the test vials. I choose appropriate situations.


But for some reason whenever I wear a smidge of cops blended in a product women get crazy on me... well some.


Yesterday I had two reactions to LFN. One woman got horney and started babbling about her sex life with her husband and ex boyfriends to all sundry. Some even commented on her facial expressions as to how lost in her sexual reveries she was. A few women were curt no matter how nice I was to them.


And some women, which I don't know how to deal with, were outright hostile. One even injured me.


Now I did have a share of women who fawned over me - just like the men. All the men. I was the pied piper of all things male regardless of age, ethnicity, and physical ability, but the women who were negatively affected - were really negatively affected.


What can I do to kind of mitigate/lessen some female hostility besides getting a conceal to carry? :smiley-laughing024:

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Cops can effect some other women negatively.

But, if your wearing LFN you can't assume it's all the cops. I'd say the "enone" had a big roll in most of your situation there.

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I don't know that I've had a negative reaction to women wearing cops either, but being that it was LFN you were using, perhaps it was something else in the blend....? My advice would be not to wear LFN around this particular group of people, especially if it got someone else distractedly horny or caused people to injure you. Was this work or just out in the general public?

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I have had a couple of bad reactions from women, but they are few and far between. I have had women get combative or catty when I am wearing cops. Bear in mind, LFN is described as an "after-hours" version of LFM.......NOT FOR DAYTIME USE!


Some women will go insane when they detect cops on another women. Subconsciously, they see you as competition. The "-none" could possibly account for part of the horny woman's syndrome, but then again, some women get aroused by cops as well. I would say keep this one for private playtime.

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I'm in agreement with Dolly. You never know women are going to react to sexual blends. Since competition is part of the mating game, you might be short circuiting their normal, pleasant personalities & causing them to dislike you on sub conscience level when you're waving around such a sexually blatant signal. Just think back to high school & how badly the "sluts" were bullied by other girls.

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