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MARA AND DANNA......you ladies have truly outdone yourselves! I am playing with my monthly sampler..... I started out trying on with 4 potions, but now I have every possible sniffing point annointed! And, my credit card is currently in hiding!


They are all soooooo lovely! Your expertise and creativity have definitely shone through, as ALWAYS!



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April releases -

Just based on description I liked so many of the scents so I took the chance and ordered full size bottles of .......


Night of the Fae

Southern Gothic



Even though I haven't tried them there wasn't one scent I didn't like just based on a cold sniff. I absolutely agree with Dolly,thanks Mara and Danna for such outstanding scents :angelstar-kaos058: .

Received a sample of Beltane and I must get me a bottle :) .

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