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Cops in Blushing Milkmaid vs. OCCO White

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Hello everyone ~

I've tried to find this answer in the forums ~ but could not ...

are the cops in Beth's Blushing Milkmaid and OCCO White

comparable? (as far as strength?).

Or does one contain more cops than the other?

And do you have a preference (or would recommend)

one over the other (and in regards to scent as well?)


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The OCCO line has the highest amount of copulins, I believe. Scent-wise they are different, BBM is more like a buttercream scent whereas OCCO White is a classic vanilla. I would say the latter is more versatile for layering but it's all down to your preference,


ETA: there is actually another thread about the same topic:


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Thanks, Luna, for that link...that was extremely helpful.

May I ask another question? You had included that thread (link).

When reading the forums, often there is mention of "threads" of certain items.

I tried searching for them, by entering the name of the item, and "forums", in the search box ...

but they do not come up. Is there a certain way (or how should I do a

search) to locate a particular thread on an item?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi again, Luna ... and thanks for your reply.

Possibly I didn't look through all the search? As an example, I was

reading through some of the older posts in the forums, and

there was an entry that said "read my thread for more about

LP red" ... so I went to the search box (on the top/right corner

of this page) ... entered "LP Red" (and then when it asked

where..I entered "forums")...but then the results came up

"no search results found for that item". So I know I'm

doing something not quite right.

(If YOU were to search for a thread on LP Red, for ex. ~

exactly where/what would you enter?).

Thanks so much again, in advance!

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I'm not Luna, but both of those terms have less than 4 characters, so nothing will come up. (I'm guessing you were actually getting an error message as opposed to "no results found.") try searching "Love Potion." You'd still have to scroll a bit through. And if that doesn't work, LP Red is reviewed quite frequently, so it probably wouldn't be past the second or third page in the "Reviews" section.

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Hi, BlueBear...Yes...it probably was an "error" message

(and not "no results", as I had noted). Thanks so much for

explaining -- now I understand what I was doing wrong.

(as a newbie there is SO much information to learn,

and how to access it all) .. so appreciated your time

to explain the search functions! Thanks so much again! :)

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