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SS4M against other leading vendors

Guest hankypanky2

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Guest hankypanky2

Is Love Potion's Voracious and SS4M a DHV or DLV and how does it work in terms of KINO against the other leading vendors such as Liquid Alchemy Labs and Pheromone XS.

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HankyPanky - the products here work very well. You can read my reviews in the Mens Section. But we usually do not do direct comparison, much less speak unkindly about about products by other companies. Now you have to understand that I am married so my situation may be very different from yours. The Mrs. generally frowns upon me initiating or accepting kino from other women haha.


ETA: I was typing this as Luna locked the other thread:


HankyPanky - I tried to partially answer this in another thread. We usually do not do direct comparisons here or speak ill of products by other vendors. I can tell you the products here work well - Throb and Wanted Man have done very well for me, as has SS4M. My case is probably different from yours as I have been married for 25+ years. But all three have done very well with my wife. Throb and Wanted Man have drawn reactions from other women. I have really only used SS4M around the Mrs. so it is hard to say there. Remember Throb has cops in it - you can definitely smell them. You can read my reviews.


That being said, I originally came here for the pheromones, but have stayed because I like a lot of the mens scents and the company is great too. You just have to remember that this is primarily a female environment.


I have tried various products from both companies although I have not used a wide variety of products from Pheromone XS. The products here do as well as any good pheromone product from any of the other vendors. DHV or DLV? I would say DHV if it pulls them in the way Throb and Wanted Man have.

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