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No more lurking for me! (Newbie)


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I'm also new here.. Hoping to learn more.. :Emoticons04235: .. Question? Can user of the perfume have the possibility to increase tolerance from the perfume? I fall inlove with perfume RED with dominance blend now I'm using twice a day before work and going to bed :fright04238: . I'm also kind of worried that I overuse for work...... 2nd Question? Any perfume for everyday use for work? After my first experience from the perfume it seems I'm taking it seriously.. Cuz i'm waiting for my second order... :Emoticons0804:

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sure the ladies will be able to help more with recommendations. I would say though that any mixes that are heavy in cops are probably not really work safe.

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Welcome Mnaya!


Work perfume?

Any perfume you like would be the one I'd say is good for work :D


Or do you mean which pheromone blend(s)? I'm discovering how great Heart & Soul is for work myself recently. I've always liked La Femme Mystere and Perfect Match and Balm Bomb and...:lol: depends on the day really!


Congrats on your second order :)

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