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Question about using products in a "Diffuser Ring"?

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Hi everyone ~ have a question about using LPMP products in a

"light-bulb diffuser ring" (a small ring usually made of ceramic,

sometimes porcelain, or terra cotta ...that slides atop a light-bulb

(like a collar) ...that has a narrow well or reservoir) that you normally

use to place a few drops of your favorite perfume, or

aromatherapy oils, or lavender, etc..and the heat from

the light-bulb will diffuse and waft the scent in the room.

First could phero-enhanced products be used with this

type of diffuser? And if not ~ what about just regular

LP perfume/scents? Thanks!


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I don't see why not. Pheros are fine when heated indirectly. The only problem is when flames come in contact with pheros and that wouldn't be the case here. No clue about how much you would use though. Let us know how your experiments go!

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Thanks, Halo, for the reply! I don't know why I thought I had read somewhere

in the forums that heat would be a no-no (but it was probably about

"flames coming in direct contact" as you noted). So good to know it's ok

(when I do have the opportunity to try it that way in the near future).

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This is the same premise as tart warmers or even body heat if you think about it.


ETA: be prepared for the diffusion be hot and fast. Meaning they likely won't last too long

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Well with the melts the pheromones are released pretty quickly and last only an hour or two. Or so we think. I can't say for sure about the ring method because I don't know how hot it gets vs a tart warmer but the rule is the hotter it is the faster the diffusion. The scent should last longer.

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