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Lisa's Lady Lavander


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Wow! I'm running off of three hours of sleep.so bear w.me!


There is no mistaking that this is lavander haha

ALL lavander--like all the lavander from around the world united into this bottle to make MEGA LONG LASTING LAVANDER!!! From start to finish this is a really "rich"? "Deep"? There's no green or anything in it so its all about the nose buried in the flower and making me hella sleepy.


....long review short its Mega "sticky" lavender perfume and its stays with you A LONG TIME no matter how much the hands are washed

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Finally got my bottle of this. This has the same lavender oil that Sweet Dreams and Comfort has. It's tempered by some softer lavenders too but that is the prominent one. After about forty minutes the amber comes through. It is a very specific amber that I know from my past. When I was young my stepdad used to wear amber fragrance that came in a little box with holes in it. A soft powdery resin that was almost sticky. Sold at ethnic shops and probably head shops. This is that same amber. My mom loves lavender, my stepdad amber . This is like my youth in a bottle.

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