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Old habits die hard. The delivery tracker for my recent LPMP order says my goodies are in Vancouver, WA.


VANCOUVER?!? WTF -- Damn post office workers. They never get anythi --






Mailed out from Portland!

OH MAN IT'S REAL. I'm super stoked to be getting my goodies even more lickity split than before!

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Mara: You better hurry with those NRs. Everyone has been waiting double the usual time. They have already cross-leveled and traded out scents they do not use. Right now they are trying to gently trick information out of Luna and Halo but there has already been talk of duct tape and feathers. And it can go downhill fast from there. The Artfire site going back up is good but it is not bleeding off enough pressure. Junkies can go from pleasant to dangerous if you string them out loo long. Personally, I am doing OK as there are only 1-2 NRs for men a month and none on some months. So I am used to it. These ladies on the other hand .... well, things could get ugly here soon. :lol:

O. M. G. That is the funniest, most true statement. I so needed a good laugh. Thank you QG for keeping me from wanting to cry.

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We're BACK!



Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!


Will post more in a bit...about stuff that's been going on and where we are in our schedule, etc.


Mara!!! Welcome back and Happy New Year! It has not been the same with LP closed for business. Thank you for all of this month's delicious and tempting potions! Am contemplating even as I type! Nicely done dear Mara, nicely done. Hope you are all settling in well!

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