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Just got m y order

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Hi I just recieved my order and am so excited!! I :)LOVE the Bayberry & Gold and the rest smell YUMMY as well....and thanks for the samples!!! :003-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.co


Only one problem... I placed 2 seperate orders...The order I received today was my second order and theres no sign of my first. I checked the USPS track & confirm thingy and it says:


Your item was processed and left our NEW YORK, NY 10199 facility on May 5, 2008. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.


They did have 2 different shipping addy's so maybe I'll recieve it tomorrow? I'll post tomorrow about whether I get it or not.




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Hmm. The second order was shipped the day after the first order, but at least you can see it made it to the other coast, so hopefully you will have it in hand by tomorrow. No accounting for how the post is working (or not) these days! Please let us know if you don't get it tomorrow. Glad you're enjoying your goodies!


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Wooo HOoo!!! I just received the 1st order I placed!!


And :) OMG I AM LOVIN LOVIN LOVIN the Cuddle Bunny

They all smell really wonderful, I cant wait to try the others on..



:) Diana

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