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Phero Enhanced Wax Melt-Sweet Pumpkin and Banana Bread + Treasured Hearts


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I brought out this wax melt for the thanksgiving holidays and it was perfect.


The scent of Pumpkin and Banana Bread is great. Made my whole downstairs smell amazing-- a warm comforting great fall bakery!


Treasured Hearts is also the perfect complement. Smoothed everyone out and helped contribute to a nice holiday.


The melts are long lasting (I get hours), have great throw (cover multiple rooms for me), and don't get the credit they deserve! something I intend to repurchase once the site reopens.

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I also used these for the first time.. I loved the TH in one room and the Topper in another.

One comment on the TH scent.. I get a trace of hay... and I don't love it. The Phero is great. I'm really glad I got a few extra

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I got an unphero sweet pumpkin banana bread. The scent is heavy on the banana bread and spices to my nose, more than pumpkin, and once again (as with sweet caramel apple) my nose is inferring a woody aspect, like fresh split wood. That's probably the pumpkin sending my nose-brain into that fall direction. My favorite thing about it though is that the scent is almost palpably warm and sweet and squishy the way banana bread is - the way scotchies conveys that soft gooey still-hot just-out-of-the-oven feel. Wonderful!

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