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Oh no! Broken Bottle!

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I got my big order finally! So I was like :cat690: But then, as I was carrying the package in the house I was like "Hmm... I smell... Vanilla..."






My Beth's Blushing Milkmaid sample D: And it destroyed all the other labels in the same bag, though that's not really a big deal.


I know everyone's in the middle of moving, but what's the normal order of business when this kind of thing happens?

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Rub all that goodness all over you. Email Mara or Halo and tell them and then Mara, when she can, will send you a replacement sample and new labels so long as she still

Has the label saved.


She might not be able to do it til your next order or she may be able to do it right away. Guess it depends on howinsanely busy she is and what's already been packed


Sorry that happened to you. Were you able to save any ofthe liquid from your bbm sample?

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Oh bummer. Sometimes it's a clean break. Maybe you can put the little plastic bag with the bottle in it in a drawer to scent your drawer? Normally cops on clothes are a no no but I wonder if it would be okay this way since the clothes wouldn't come into contact with the liquid (and glass of course!)

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QoL - please follow my suggestion; I phrased it as I did for a reason (and because it's my job as a mod to provide answers when I can).

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