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Gotcha! or Heart & Soul?

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I'm hanging out with my new crush and my old crush/roommate today. I've had some success with Gotcha! with him, unlike my roommate- he's verrry shy and reserved, and while we were talking last time he put his feet up on my leg (cute!) and told me things he probably shouldn't have about his friends (just silly stuff). Since I know that Gotcha! makes my roommate get into a bad mood and I won't be having any alone time with my crush today anyhow- you think Heart & Soul would be a good alternative? I want him to continue falling for me, I don't think he's there yet, this guy's so shy, though, it's hard to tell!


EDIT: stupid mobile version- meant to post this in the advice forum.

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Heart and Soul is fab. I'm intrigued by the fact that Gotcha irritates your roommate though. I havent really heard of it garnering bad responses. For me, personally, Gotcha induces a sense of chivalry in others and calm for myself. Heart and Soul makes folks around me chatty/soft/nice while I remain the same. I was a superfan of Gotcha until I hit the right amount of H&S, so I hope it works well for you too! I can't imagine not having it around now. Best of luck!

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Yes, I prefer Heart & Soul as well.


This is something giddy and swoony about Gotcha! to my mind, which I can imagine veering into irritation if it comes at a bad time.

Plus, the first time I wore it, it made me incredibly dizzy, to the point where I did not feel safe walking around in the house - I did not even feel safe sitting on the couch! ;)

If someone else has a similar reaction (or a lot milder even) to it, and that person is not wearing it themselves and it not aware of Gotcha! being around, that might end up making them feel very uncomfortable.


Heart & Soul just feels very intimate, it makes people friendly and sympathetic, maybe even slightly protective; I really like it a lot!

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I have both. They have different energies.


I'd say, for your needs right away, H&S. It's more "all purpose" and that sounds like what you want.

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