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Linda's Birthday Wishes


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Notes per Linda in the PE thread are spice cake with penuche frosting (penuche: a fudge-like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, using no flavorings except for vanilla), thanks to Wikipedia for the help. And even though I've never had penuche frosting in my life it smells exactly like how I'd imagine it to! This one is the perfect balance of cake that is warmed up by just enough spice, and the creamy caramelly frosting. Sweet enough, but not cloyingly sweet at all. It could definitely be an autumn scent but for those who don't wear fall scents year-round like I do, you could really wear it any time of year.

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Invi, thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to for quite awhile but I've been going through a crisis of faith at work so to speak and feeling too down and angry to write much of anything. I even went into the restroom for a moment to just shed a tear and I hate that so if that gives any indication.


Anyway.... You pretty much nailed it on the head perfectly. Everything has settled so beautifully in this one as well and I can really get the idea of smelling my grandma's cake she would make my mom. I told Mara that the spice cake was always light - not in your face spice but the frosting was what pushed it into the "rich" category. It was always very sweet and brown sugary, buttery. I think she created something that just completely captures that smell combination. I can totally see it as an autumn/winter scent (our birthdays being in January) and there's something that reminds me of how fresh just out of the oven cake smells. A feeling of warmth maybe.


Thank you again for filling in on my flakiness. It is definitely not because of the perfume which is delicious and perfect for my mom. Just me being depressed as hell these day.

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This smells delicious. I love cake and bakery scents, and Mara is so good at making them. It's not dry smelling nor a heavy sugary style. It literally smells like moist, dense cake. Has anyone tried Tres Leches cake? It's a sponge cake that is soaked in milk. This scent smells like that sweetened creamy cake, just like Tres Leches. The spice isn't overwhelming, but gives a bit of dimension to it.

Storemy, was this your PE? It came out great! :)

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