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Practically Unscented

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In reading the descriptions of pheros, I ran across Topper as being described as "practically odorless". I've had good hits with the Un Phero's and am finding my chemistry seems to need more than scented pheros will allow. Of course, I may just be super sensitive to fragrances, but really love the pheros and want to try more. Wanting to discover all the potential options. So are there other phero's / cops that could also be considered "practically odorless"?

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Well, cops will always need a cover.

But I find SS4W odorless... And Cougar, LFM, Gotcha pretty much scent free.

I find Balm Bomb, Teddy b, B2 and Perfect Match stinky even though they don't have cops. Well, maybe not stinky... But dusty smelling?

You can always get a boosted scent which covers any smell anyway:)

I personally have mostly UNs, that I cover with LPs or other perfume.

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As heart said, heavy cops are going to smell strong and require a cover scent.


Some blends that many people describe as odorless, like Cougar, actually have a small amount of copulins but so small as to not really need a cover scent.


But copulins aside, people vary in their ability to smell pheromones. What is odorless to one person may not be to another.

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