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Jan's Calrissian

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Mara said...


"Calrissian's came out quite awesome! I think I made something that he might even like on his duck's butt! LOL! Seriously though, it's growwlllanimalic sexy, and something either sex can wear. I went with a base of raw teakwood which gives it a wild outdoorsy woody feel, and layered that with tonka bean, animalic musk, a drop of leather, and a note that greatly resembles ambergris....so, it might make him bark! There's a lot of animal magnetism in there!"

I love it !!
Wet the most prominent note on me is the teakwood and it really does smell deliciously raw, but that very quickly recedes to reveal the tonka and musk. I know the leather is there, but on me it is just an occasional whisper. On drydown it's intoxicating, earthy, warm rich and VERY sexy. This is unisex. I tried it on a male friend of mine. It smelled so different on him, but fabulous. The teakwood and leather (very sexy teakwood and leather) stood out, but there wasn't the sweetnes that I got. I guess that's probably ok for a guy. Three of my girlfriends have tried. On two of them it was the OMG sex in the woods to die for, but on the third it did not work at all. If it is this good now, I can only imagine how great this is going to smell as it ages. Now I am wondering what would happen if I layered just a touch of carbon black with this.
Thank you, thank you Mara. I love my Calrissian!
P. S. Calrissian does love this as well. His duck's butt already had too many LP smells on it so this went on a fresh hedgehog butt. First there was the sniff, then there was serious muzzle rubbing on the hedgehog. He smelled great for two days. I wish I could get it to last that long on me.
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Yes this is very sexy in a masculine way! I love how the teakwood and musk blend with the other notes - I think tonka bean and leather especially are a wonderful pairing - it's just compulsively sniffable. And it also smells amazing on Quince! He said it wasn't woody enough for him to claim as his own but quipped: "It's that dark naughty man thing you like so much." :666:

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Sadly, I have no dude to try this out on, but I am wearing it myself today and oh, wow! Woods can be iffy on me (my nose/skin doesn't always translate those notes as wood -- they often turn into a sad plastic for me), but this one really is wild and earthy and organic. It's the deepest LP I've ever worn. If it were music it would be a true bass. It's like the darkest most shadowy part of the forest, where sunshine doesn't break through. But at the same time there is definitely a lively energy to it -- all sorts of life on the forest floor! The leather is gorgeous.


I think one reason I haven't tried this out before (though I've kept the bottle on my nightstand for compulsive sniffing) is that it feels like it needs very particular kinds of weather. Mostly I've been envisioning it in late summer and early fall, post-solstice when it's still warm weather but the light has begun to retreat. I pictured this needing plenty of heat to warm it up and bring out all the notes. But this morning, as we have another chilly rainy spring day coming down the pike, I needed something denser and warmer than the fabulous spring/summer scents I've been busting out, and I ended up reaching for this. Which feels perfect. I'll be interested to see if it wears differently when we get to that warmer weather, but boy it's a lovely cool weather scent.


PS. Full disclosure, I got my bottle with half a boost of Perfect Match plus cops. All feeling very congruent. Like any good dog, it remembers that it is descended from wolves, while remaining perfectly housebroken.


PPS. Yet another in the series of Best. Labels. Ever.

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OMG, Seajammarket! I dug this out today for the first time since spring, and it has, if possible, gotten more amazing. Still wild and earthy, but it's definitely settled into a rich, complex, surprisingly (for something that would work well on a duck's butt!) sophisticated scent. It is a weird weather day here -- almost 70, but the sky is dark, winds are whipping like crazy and rain keeps making brief appearances. This just perfect! I'm going to try the Carbon Black experiment in a little bit... will report back!

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