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Pheromones and PDs...follow-up

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My order arrived today!! Just one week to get to France!


I ordered Empathy Potion, Garlands and Lace, Cougar Potion, and Papal Purple with Heart and Soul.


Here's my report:


Before my Narcissistic-Personality-Disordered soon-to-be-ex got home, I slathered on some Cougar Potion and took the bus to downtown Paris, walked around in crowds of tourists and went to the bookstore.


I think I slathered too heavily for indoor use...one guy covered his nose and moved away. I don't blame him...I thought it smelled too strong, too. But I got smiles from a group of guys outside the cafe in front of the bus stop. I put my coat on for the bus ride home so as not to cause offense.


Hopped in the shower and washed that all off, sprayed on 4 or 5 sprays of the unscented Empathy Potion along with my regular perfume.


Within 5 minutes of walking in the door, my husband offered to give me his entire summer bonus, "...because I understand that you'll need some cash to get started on your own". And told me I HAD to take his bank card in case I wanted to go shopping (?!) and handed me 20 Euros in cash, "...because you are always taking the bus, and you should be able to take a taxi tomorrow".


Um, could be the best $85 + shipping I ever spent.


The dog acted goofy, too.


Fortunately I didn't get such empathetic self-effects that I said let's call off the divorce!


Anyway, could be coincidence, but the timing was certainly interesting!


A couple of questions:


-how much should I be using from one of the small trial vials? I couldn't really figure out the best way to apply it, so turned the little vial upside down against my skin and made 5 or 6 long swipes. Evidently that was too much.


-from the descriptions I thought I was going to love the smells of Cougar Potion and Garlands and Lace. No. Both of them have some top note that smells really bad to me. It gets better after several hours, but there's something I really don't like...kind of cloyingly sweet, like dead flowers, but more artificially-chemmy smelling. Any idea what that might be? Is there anything the same in both? I didn't think so. Could it be vanilla? Or maybe one of the pheromones that's the same in both?


Of course part of my problem was putting too much on, but there's something in both that Isn't a nice smell for me.


I got 2 free samples, plus fantastic rainbow crayons...such a neat surprise!


The samples were Brother's Brew (stinky! But interesting.) and Bridezilla...which for some reason I keep wanting to go back and keep smelling. I'm not sure I like it, but I must have gone back and smelled it 6 or 8 times to check. Never had THAT happen before with a perfume.


Before I ordered, I thought, "why would anyone want to buy 10 different perfumes every month?" Now I think I get it.


And, of course, I already put in another order!! This time (following the recommendations of forum members), I ordered The Big Easy, which has Teddy BB in it. I got a full-sized spray, but it sounds like it's a very herbal-fresh scent, so maybe I won't run into whatever it was I didn't like.


I also ordered the Newbie Sampler, plus trial sizes of Crayons: Gamboge with Levitation Potion and Unbridled, which has La Femme Noire.


Um, FUN STUFF, guys!!

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LOL!!!! Awesome!!! Now I want Empathy Potion! Maybe next month. I LOVE Levitation goddessinjapan! One of my fave mood elevators for sure. I do loveCougar as well but have n i t tested it much around others. As fir the scent, all i getbis really tr u e Grapefruit? Everyone's scent perception is different. As for applying from trial vials,I have a habitnof shaking them really well, then using my index finger, I put a good dab behind each ear, a generous swipe down the neck to cleavage and a dab on each wrist, sometimes going upthe inner arms midway, but it depends on how strong the scents aren of course. Happy to hear you are having fun! :)

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One issue you may be running into with the scents you don't like is travel shock. It's usually best to let your perfumes "rest" for a day or two after they come in the mail. I thought it sounded crazy at first, but it's definitely true! Re-test in a few days, you might find that you like the ones you previously didn't.

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The answer to all three of your questions is that it really varies from person to person. With how much to use, it depends on how the scent reacts with your skin chemistry and even the moisture content of your skin. (When my skin is dry, it soaks up fragrances.) Sometimes I have to use half a vial on me to get noticeable fragrance, sometimes just a dab. As for the Cougar Potion and Garland and Lace, it could be that those notes just don't work for you. I can't think of what it in each off the top of my head, but the notes will be listed in the perfumerie. But be sure to shake the vials to mix up the oils. And again, self effects vary. some people don't even get them! the only solution for both the pheros and the fragrances is to experiment, experiment, experiment!

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OK, update again. I'll post the ones I haven't reviewed already in the reviews section, this is just an update.

2nd order, The Big Easy with Teddy BB...it was recommended as calming and non-threatening. I mainly use it as a "welcome home" and "dinnertime" scent to keep things on an even keel. Works well.


When I first read the reviews everyone was talking about making them go to sleep...that didn't sound like something you'd need a pheromone for...but it's become my favorite way to use it. Pillow spray or in my hair, and I sleep quickly, soundly, have nice dreams, and wake up earlier. Love that stuff!!


Got Empathy Potion (unscented) and Garlands and Lace with Lace. The Empathy Potion I find incredibly useful for haircuts and doctor and dentist appointments. Scored a free plant at the flower shop and a free soda with my pizza, too.


The Lace is kind of "meh"...gets me all excited with nowhere to take it. After the divorce, maybe.


3rd order, Heart and Soul unscented and Crayons: Gamboge with Levitation Potion, both in spray. And Lap of Luxury with Swimming With Sharks, in oil.


I have to admit, I got the Gamboge just for me me me...love the pineapple scent, although it doesn't last long. And the Levitation Potion makes me feel more in touch with things, the world is a little brighter, I'm a little more present. I'd say it's like an antidepressant, but it's more like a pro-happiant.


Heart and Soul is The Big Gun. He goes from grumpy to cuddly and remembering happy memories. That stuff is awesome.


Swimming With Sharks? I would not hesitate for one second to wear that to a job interview. Makes my ultra-bristly guy RELAX and ENGAGE. Very receptive to what I have to say, asks follow-up questions, quits jumping to conclusions.


I'm sure that there's a whole lot more to learn, but I'm a believer!!!

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Hey Goddess, very interesting reviews, as I placed my first order for very similar reasons that you placed yours. Mine should be here after the weekend and then I will be sure to let everything rest for a couple of days lest I find myself in the same place you did!


I'm already planning my second order!

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