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Lindee's Caramel Rose

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This is one of those scents that smells different when you get wafts of it naturally vs when you huff the application points. It reminds me a lot of Wolf and the Shepardess. It's a pastel pink scent but not so clean. It's slightly powdery but not really. All of the notes are blended together very well and I can't really pick out one over the other. Whe I sniff my wrists however, I get mainly rose. The long drydown is very pretty. It is a soft pink girly skin scent. I am also wearing OCCO Pink so that could be influencing the scent but they go very well together. I will have to try it on its own and see how it is.

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i didn't get any pink from this. I did get what smelled to me like a rose dipped in caramel. the caramel part does waft away and then i am left with some of the classiest rose scent. I love rose scents and i think this one def makes it to my top five. I feel like i am in a rose garden munching way on candy. such an awesome blend!!

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