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Rebecca's Lab Coat


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This is pretty much exactly as I hoped it would be!


It's a decidely unisex fragrance. It is clean and cool without being soapy or aquatic. It sweetens a little after a while, but it is perfect for use in the lab. There are all kinds of icky smelling things that I work with, and I suspect that this is just what I need to feel clean and fresh at work. It's lovely, and if you're looking for a unisex fragrance it should be on your radar ;)

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Oh me ohhhhhh my let me say this smells so lovely! Very feminine and lasted about 6 hours of potent smell. I could actually smell it on myself and could not stop sniffing :-) I say yes to this!

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I like this way more than I expected from just seeing the notes! It wears very close to the skin and its something you can wear at any time without being afraid of offending anyone. I get a very light cedar over a perfumey musk. It's pretty feminine on me too and I think it's a versatile scent that would be perfect to wear for any occassion.

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