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Hello all


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Hey guys, Im MangoEruption!


Some of you may remember me from another site and I decided it was time for me to check this one out. I haven't had an LP product yet per se other than a sampler I got awhile back ago. So far I enjoyed Bodice Ripper, Ambuscade and the LP Pour Homme Summer Solstice 2012.... good stuff and all gone now besides the Ambuscade *sighs*.


But anyways, Im here to see what LP has to offer and hopefully ill be able to do the same for you guys.



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Sounds like your stockpile is almost gone ~ time for a new sampler! :lol:

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Welcome to the forum. I have a list of scents I own in a thread in my journal.

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Thanks guys! Lotta love here!


Anyone got something to recommend that smells like that Pour Homme Summer Solstice one? That one smelled divinely on me, a real complement getter.

I'm not as versed in the LP men's line I'm sure Quiet Guy, Halo or Luna may have a suggestion.

All I can suggest is that if you are very focused on "Homme" you could do a PE (Private Edition).

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