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Most of these labels feature your forum friends here....don't we have the best-looking crowd in the WORLD?! WOOT! YES WE DO! :D The plan was to do this anonymously, so you may identify yourself if you wish (and yes, you can share your label on Facebook too) but please do not pressure anyone to identity themselves if they do not want to.


There's a few here that feature the fruits,etc. but I am hoping eventually that almost ALL the labels will feature you all. So if you haven't sent me a picture yet, PLEASE DO! If you already have sent me a picture, then your label is on deck and I am still working on it. I've got enough spots that anyone who wishes to be on a label can, so don't feel shy! Jump on in, it's fun! :D Each person who participates will get a $10 store credit in exchange for the image license...I will post the credits on Sunday when I post the order page.


The labels are designed for the smallest size bottle available, which I assumed will be the most popular size, so the print size is actually quite small. Just so you know, they actually look best on the small bottles. And, YES! They are being printed on the shiny paper, because they are special.


The sizes available are 5ml (1/6th oz), 10ml (1/3 oz) and 30ml (1 oz sprays). No trial sizes of these.



5ml roller bottles: $15.00 each

10ml roller bottles: $24.95 each

1 oz Sprays: $39.95 each.

BUT, because they are meant to be layered, they should be easy to buy in sets, so if you buy 10, you get to pick 2 more for FREE.

I foresee the most popular way to order these might be sets of 5ml bottles, which would end up being 12 bottles for $150.00


PLEASE ORDER THEM HERE: http://lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/SugaredLayerables/


Labels in the next consecutive posts...

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Sugared Almonds

* Delicious almond oils blended with lots of brown sugar and dabs of white and pink too.


Sugared Amber

* Only the most luscious fabulous ambers in my collection made the cut for this sensuous blend. EOs and attars from all over the planet, gently sweetened with sugars of all kinds, making for a perfectly balanced amber syrup.


Sugared Apples

* A bushel of different apple oils, crisp sweet and red, but I added just a touch of green apple for the fresh tang. My five sugar blend sweetens it up, but it's still fresh and refreshing. So mood elevating, this blend is instant happiness to my nose!


Sugared Apricots

* A mixture of both syrupy and fresh apricot varieties make for the best "single" note - blended with my sugar blend, an accent on the pinky sugars for this delicious brew.


Maple Sugared Bacon

* Yummy bacon, hickory smoke, maple syrup and a dash of white sugar.



Sugared Bamboo

* A combo of my favorite fresh and watery bamboo oils, softened and sweetened with white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Bananas

* Thick and sweet, I went for a warm caramelized feel, with a hint of freshness. (I did not add the spices like I did to the ole Sugar Fried Bananas)


Sugared Birthday Cake

* This is a Sugared Vanilla variety, comprised of our cake-iest sweetest vanillas, with brown sugar in the batter and pink sugar frosting.


Sugared Berries

* A delicious melange of mixed luscious berries and berry sugars. Blackberry. Boysenberry, Raspberry, Mulberry and Dewberry, blended with pink berry sugars and hints of other sugars, brown and white.



Sugared Blackberry

* Delicious blackberry oils, jammy sweet, combined with my blend of five sugars with an emphasis on the pink.



Sugared Blueberry

* Yummy blueberry preserves blended with cotton candy sugars of pink and blue, and touches of white too.



Sugared Black Pepper

*A mixture of natural pepper EOs from around the globe, smoothed with soft white sugars.


Sugared Bonfire

* Sweet gooey vanilla marshmallow and woodsmoke blended with sugars, an all-time customer fave. Remember, this one must be shaken!



Sugared Cactus Fruit (aka Prickly Pear)

* Who would imagine that the dry desert could produce a fruit so juicy and syrupy sweet? One of my great loves, Prickly Pear, especially when blended with sweet pink sugars and accents of brown and white.



Sugared Cardamom

* Essential oils of cardamom, melded with gentle powdered and white sugars. (This was a customer fave of the old line!)



Sugared Cantaloupe

* Delicious syrupy sweet cantaloupe oils, enhanced with hints of pink and brown sugars.


Sugared Carnations

* A mixture of peppery carnation oils and EOs, sweetened with white and powdered sugars and a smidge of pink. Smells awesome on both women and men.


Sugared Cedar

* Gorgeous cedar oils with the camphorous quality completely toned down by powdered and white sugars, and a tiny drop of brown. All delectable woodiness, fab for ladies and gents.



Sugared Chai Spices

* A variety of chai spices, sweetened with a hint of spiced caramel and white sugar.

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Sugared Cherries

* a mixture of red, black and "wild" cherries, sweet and bold, combined with a variety of sugars, with the emphasis on the pink.



Sugared Cherry Blossom

* Delicate cherry blossoms, melded with powdery white sugars and a touch of pinkness.



Sugared Cinnamon

* A trio of hot and spicy cinnamon oils and EOs, sweetened with warm brown and caramelized, pink and powdered sugars.



Sugared Milk Chocolate

* A combination of my five creamiest chocolates swirled with a milky vanilla and sugars, brown and white.


Sugared Chocolate Fudge

* A combo of seven dark chocolate oils and absolutes blended with brown and caramelized sugars makes this a fudgy caramel brownie dream! Yum!



Sugared Hot Cocoa

* A combination of assorted cocoa powders, subtly sweetened with powdered and white sugars.



Sugared Cocoa Butter

* Cocoa butter is the fats from the cocoa bean, also known as white chocolate. This is a blend of decadent, fatty cocoa butter oils, blended with buttered brown sugars.



Sugared Clove

* A trio of clove varieties, oils and EOs from around the globe, softened with pure white sugars. Fab on men, saucy on women, and great for adding holiday flair.



Sugared Coconut

* The scents of sweet shredded coconut and coconut cream, sweetened with cane sugar, white and a tinge of pink.



Sugared Coffee

* For this blend I decided to go towards the smell of fresh brewed coffee, so combined half a dozen of the freshest aromas I have and then took the bitter edge off with drops of caramel and brown sugar, and a tiny tiny touch of sweet cream.



Sugared Copal Resin

* Three varieties of copal resin, combined with soft white and powdered sugars and a drop of caramelized sugar. Either sex can wear this, will pair nicely with geranium, frankincense or cedar. Smooth and powdery with the tiniest hint of lemon.



Sugared Cream

* Cream, cream, creaminess!. This is my take on the likes of Twinkie and Krispy Kreme fillings, crafted of whipped and butter cream accords, butter CO2, a touch of vanilla, a drop of hydrogenated coconut oil, and a big fat buttload of white sugar.



Sugared Cucumber

* Several cucumber oils blended with just a sheer layer of white sugar. So cool and refreshing!



Sugared Currant

* The brightest most sparkling fruit note this side of citrus, tart red currants will add elevation and excitement to any blend. Mixed with multiple sugars. (Tends to burn off on the skin in a similar manner to citrus notes.)



Sugared Black Currant

* Deeper and rounder than red currant, with a hint of exotic mystery. A trio of black currant oils melded with white and powdered sugars. (Author of magical romance novels Diane J Reed, the lovely face on this label, chose this one because: "to dream of black currants mean you will find happiness in life & loyalty in love." :heart: !!! )



Sugared Daffodil

* Such a gorgeous flower, almost every perfume we release with a daffodil note is wildly popular. The aroma is strong enough to hold it's own in a blend, but gives off an air of absolute femininity. I've softened and rounded my array of daffodils with my blend of five delicious sugars.



Sugared Daisy

* A fresh and delicate beauty of a blossom, I combined several daisy oils to give it body, but sugared them only with a light white crystalline sugar to maintain it's fragile loveliness.



Sugared Dogwood Blossoms

* Beautiful dogwood blossoms, dainty yet assertive, melded with sweet white and pink sugars. If you are a cherry blossom fan, you might like dogwood blossom even more!



Sugared Dragon's Blood

* A mixture of five thick dragon's blood resins, earthy and woody - no cherry note in these! - combined with white, pink and brown sugars, and a dash of spiced caramel.

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Sugared Earth

* I blended three kinds of moist earth oils to achieve this beautiful, fresh-after-a-rain scent. Added only sheer white sugar to this one, to compliment but not overpower the natural earthy aroma. LOVE!



Sugared Eggnog

* Creamy, dreamy eggnog laced with caramel, brown and pink sugars and spiced with nutmeg and allspice.



Sugared English Toffee

* Buttered brown and caramelized sugars combine with hints of chocolate and nuts to form the perfect English Toffee scent.



Sugared Figs

* Mixture of the tart, the sweet, the syrupy, the green and the earthy...combined to form a perfectly delectable fig. A quintet of figs blended to give off a fresh and tart aura, mixed with multiple sugars with an emphasis on the powdered and brown varieties.



Sugared Frankincense

* A delicate resin, light powdery and soothing, it's smoke chases negativity away. I added white and powdered sugars to compliment but not overpower it's lacy beauty.



Sugared Frankincense and Myrrh

* One of our perennial customer faves, soft, velvety and "skin-like", a gentle resin blend softened further with white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Gardenia

* Humid gardenia blossoms softened and rounded with my blend of five sugars. A tropical vacation in a bottle!



Sugared Geranium

* A strong, heady, confident flower, I mixed three of these gorgeous blossoms together with white, pink, powdered and caramelized sugars. Bold and lovely!



Sugared Ginger

* White ginger and fresh ginger EOs, blended with white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Gingerbread

* Buttery, gingery, bready goodness! Bakery style gingers melded with buttered brown sugars.



Sugared Grasses

* A garden full of green grasses combine for a breath of newly mown freshness, gently sweetened with white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Grapefruit

* Perfect! A blend of Ruby Red, Pink and White Grapefruit varieties, softened with multiple sugars. Tart and beautiful. You know what they say Ladies...6-8 years younger!



Sugared Greenery

* A mixture of watery, cool leafy greens and fresh cut stems. A dozen varieties of lush green-ness, lightly sweetened with crystalline white sugars. The scent makes you smell like you've spent the day in your garden!



Sugared Hay

* Who doesn't love the soothing scent of fresh mown hay? A perfect addition for your autumnal creations! I lightly blended gorgeous hay notes with sugars of every color, so it is wonderful worn alone, or will blend fabulously with autumnal fruits, berries, dried leaves, earth...imagine the possibilities!



Sugared Heather

* One of my absolute favorite florals, it's wet and earthy and green and pinky too, like the air after a rain, it's the epitome of a "nature" aroma to me. I've sweetened it gently with white, pink and powdered sugars.



Sugared Honeycomb

* A blend of my sexiest, smuttiest, late summer honey and honeycomb varieties, swirled with my blend of five sugars. Fragrance does not get any sexier than this! May be worn alone or layered with complimentary blends to turn up the heat and add a wiggle to your walk.



Sugared Honeydew

* Luscious syrupy sweet honeydew oils, melded with pink and white sugars.



Sugared Honeysuckle

* A very popular sweet floral, just begging to be caramelized! I combined four honeysuckle varieties with caramelized brown, pink and white sugars.



Sugared Iris

* Mmmm, Iris works so well when candied with pink sugars - it smells like a yummy mixture of pink and purple. Lovely! Sweet iris blossoms blended with a couple of kinds of pink, a dash of white, and a smidge of caramelized sugar.

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Sugared Jasmine

* A bouquet of gorgeous Jasmine attars and oils, skewed sweet and powdery with pink, white, brown and powdered sugars.



Sugared Jonquil

* Gorgeous fresh Jonquil blooms, made ultra-girly sweet with several types of pinks, and dabs of brown and white sugars.



Sugared Kush Resin

* A thick plant resin with hints of green and woodiness, lightly smoothed with white and caramelized sugars.



Sugared Lavender

* Nine different lavender oils and EOs from all over the globe - Tassi, English, French, American - blended to perfection with white, powdered, pink and brown sugars.



Sugared Leather

* A blend of old worn leather and suede, softened with powdered and white sugars, and just a hint of pink to girl it up a tinge.



Sugared Lemons

* Tart, bright and mouthwatering, multiple lemon varieties combined with my blend of five sugars. A blast from the past for we who loved lemons baby soft when we were kids.



Sugared Licorice

* A delicious mixture of licorice root extracts and anise EOs blended with white, pink and especially caramelized sugars - ultra yum.



Sugared Lilac

* A trio of lovely lilac oils, modernized and cutened up with pink, white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Lilies

* A big beautiful bouquet of assorted fragrant Lilies - Casablanca Lily, Madonna Lily and May Lily too - sweetened and smoothed with my blend of five sugars.



Sugared Lily of the Valley

* Three different sources of luscious Lily of the Valley combined with sugars white, powdered, pink and a touch of caramel.



Sugared Limes

* a duo of lime oils mixed with a trio of sugars, with the emphasis on a soft white sugar. Tangy and bright, but wearably soft too.



Sugared Fresh Linen

* The wonderful aroma of fresh cotton linen, just out of the dryer. Softened further with a blend of white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Lotus

* A mixture of four pink and blue Lotus varieties, sweetened with pink and blue cotton candy sugars and a hint of white too.



Sugared Magnolia

* A trio of magnificent magnolia oils, sweetened and rounded with powdered, pink, white and brown sugars.


Sugared Majmua

* Majmua is an Indian term meaning "mish-mash", and every maker of attars over there has their own blend consisting of a ton of different ingredients, yet they still have a specific identifiable quality in common. The epitome of exotic - deep dark, smokey and resinous, I've mish-mashed a few of my favorites together and softened them up with my blend of five sugars. Perfect for creating an aura of exotic mystery.



Sugared Mango

* A trio of tart bright juicy mangos, sweetened with white and pink sugars.



Sugared Maple

* A most luscious variety of maple syrup and maple sugar oils combined with a tinge of buttered brown sugar - yum! PS: You may NOT eat the perfume! (Tho the luscious model is another matter.) ;)



Sugared Marshmallow

* Pure sweet marshmallow sugar and nothing else! Stays close to the skin but lasts HOURS. Will not need shaking by itself, but if you blend it with anything in another bottle it will have to be shook, just FYI.



Sugared Melons

* A perfect blend of Honeydew and Cantaloupe melons, gently sweetened with my blend of five sugars, with a nudge towards the pink.



Warm Milk & Sugar

* The scent of steaming hot milk, blended with muscovado, white, and buttery brown sugars.

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Sugared Mint

* Mmmm, minty coolness made yummily wearable! A trio of mint EOs, peppermint with a tiny spot of spearmint to add dimension, sweetened with white and powdered sugars and just a touch of pink. A very nicely balanced blend of mintyness.



Sugared Egyptian Musk

* One of our most popular scents from the old collection. The most velvety smooth of all musks, this offering is comprised of 3 sources of Egyptian musk, laced with drops of white, powdered and caramelized sugars.



Sugared Black Musk

* Dark and exotic, and just a tiny touch animalic, a trio of black musks from India, Arabia and Africa, smoothed with little drops of caramel and molasses.



Sugared Clean Musk

* A soapy clean musk variety, often used in masculine/unisex blends, and for elegant female blends. John loves how this one came out. I used a trio of soapy clean style musks, and softened them with a touch of oakmoss and white sugar...not too sweet, wanted to keep the unisex appeal to this one.



Sugared Green Musk

* Plant derived musks from India and Africa, smooth and just a tiny bit green, made velvety with cane, white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Pink Musk

* Four white musk oils from around the globe, combined with four cotton candy type pinky sugars to form a perfect sweet pink musk.



Sugared Red Musk

* I combined a duo of dark Red Musk attars from India and Egypt. As they are attars, they have a sandalwood base and a sensual, smokey exotic incensey quality. Added to the musks is my five sugar blend, this time with an emphasis on the brown. A perfect scent for seduction!



Sugared White Musk

* A soft musk, what many call a skin musk. Four lovely white musk oils from around the globe, combined with my blend of five sugars, and a spot of vanilla...the key to creating a perfect "skin" musk in my opinion, is to lace it with a touch of vanilla to add warmth.



Sugared Myrrh

* Ahhhh, a treasure of soothing and meditative myrrh resins, a blend of several varieties from around the globe, laced with pillowy white sugars. Fab on ladies and gents.



Sugared Nag Champa

* My favorite incensey note - a collection of thick nag champa oils from around the world, made soft as smoke with powdered, white and caramelized sugars.



Sugared Neroli

* Discover the beauty of true neroli! A trio of neroli essences gently softened and sweetened with drops of white, brown, pink and powdered sugars.



Sugared Nutmeg

* Spicy nutmeg oils made Autumn warm with four varieties of brown and caramelized sugars, and just a drop of pink.



Sugared Oak Moss

* Oak Moss is the base of the scent of baby powder, yet many people find it masculine on it's own. I decided to skew it a touch more feminine for this blend, lacing it with white, pink and caramelized sugars. Absolutely gorgeous, the kind of scent that smells like what you want your skin to smell like naturally. Bare, sweet and silky.



Sugared Oranges

* A mix of lots of delicious orange varieties....mandarin, tangerine, navel, blood orange, and more, melded with my blend of five sugars. Tangy sweet!



Sugared Orchid

* A favorite flower of mine, it pairs fabulously with sugars cuz it's so edible smelling already! I used a trio of gorgeous orchid varieties and melded them with sugars of pink, brown and white...with the emphasis on the pink.



Sugared Oud

* Crafted of Oud attars from India and Arabia that are so thick you can stick a fork in them. Gorgeous and exotic woody resin aroma, sweetened with pink, white and brown sugars.



Sugared Patchouli

* A top seller here for almost a decade, I mix only the richest most luxurious patchouli resins for this blend, and accentuate the syrupy quality with my blend of five sugars.



Sugared Peaches

* A bushel of peaches and nectarines, syrupy sweet and a bit tart too, drenched in my blend of five sugars.



Sugared Pears

* A quartet of light and delicious pears, sprinkled with my blend of five sugars.



Brown Sugared Pecans

* OMFG, this smells soooo goood! Adding a touch of pecan to brown sugar - you really don't perceive it so much as a "nutty" smell once it has dried down, what you get is the most delicious thick golden brown sugar caramel smell that is just to die for. It pairs fabulously with fruits and resins, vanilla, pumpkin, any bakery style scent, and can add an Autumnal feel to almost anything. Warm gooey and delicious, definitely a "comfort foody" scent. Three types of pecan blended with four types of brown and caramelized sugars.

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Sugared Peony

* Peonies have a beautiful fresh green-ness and a sweet floral pink-ness at the same time. A lovely fresh and girly scent, I sweetened up the bouquet a tad with complimentary sugars of pink and white.



Sugared Pie Spices

* A delicious blend of allspice, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, sweetened with caramelized, white and brown sugars. Note: This is a very spicy blend - be careful of application points if you have sensitive skin. I wouldn't apply to chest or neck. just FYI.



Sugared Pineapple

* Tart and delicious fresh pineapple accords, melded with pink, white and brown sugars for a syrupy but gorgeously fresh aroma.



Sugared Pine Needles

* Mmmmm, fresh piney wintery goodness! Pine oils have a fair bit of sweetness to them already, and I wanted to keep the cool nature-y vibe, so I lightly dusted my collection of assorted pines with just powdered and white sugars.



Sugared Plumeria

* A trio of gorgeously lush tropical plumeria oils, combined with sugars of pink and white. A scent that instantly transports you to an island getaway. Combines fabulously with other tropical notes such as pineapple, coconut, magnolia and banana, but wonderful worn alone as well.



Sugared Pomegranate

* Four types of luscious pomegranate oils, syrupy sweet with sugars of white, brown and pink.



Sugared Pumpkin

* A delicious autumnal treat, comprised of nine different pumpkin oils, plus caramellized, brown, white and pink sugars, to create the perfect lightly spiced pumpkin pie delight.



Pure Sugar

* My blend of five delicious sugars - brown, white, powdered, pink and cane sugars - balanced to wear perfectly on it's own or layer it to sweeten up any blend.



Sugared Raspberry

* Gorgeous sweet and syrupy raspberries, mixed with sweet pink berry sugars and a hint of brown sugar.



Sugared Roses

* The flagship of the Sugared line, this one started it all! Gorgeous red rose attars, candied to perfection with our blend of five sugars (with an emphasis on the pink). Deliciously sweet and elegant too.



Sugared Sandalwood

* I have a LOT of sandalwood oils, but only my most fabulous four made the cut for this wonderful blend - softenend and rounded with my blend of five sugars, with the emphasis on the white. A great scent for both men and women.



Sugared Smoke

* I combined five different smoke accords for this blend, then softened and rounded them with drops of powdered, white and caramelized sugars.



Sugared Strawberries

* A trio of delectable strawberry varieties accentuated with sweet berry sugars and a drop of caramel.



Sugared Sweet Pea

* One of my favorite florals; moist, pink and green at the same time, and blended beautifully with white, pink and powdered sugars.



Sugared Tarragon

* Pure Tarragon EOs blended with crystalline white sugars.



Sugared Black Tea

* Fresh and clear black tea oils - classic English style and a touch of Indian spiced too - sweetened with white, powdered and muscavo sugars. An uplifting scent both sexes can wear.



Sugared Green Tea

* A trio of lovely green tea oils with a lemony tinge, sweetened with white and powdered sugars. A great combo with Sugared Sandalwood - a classic hit! Great for both women and men.



Sugared Tuberose

* A truly elegant beautiful flower, but it's luxury can be intimidating to some, so I brought it down to earth a bit with sugars pink and white and now I think it will wear comfortably on almost all!



Sugared Tulips

* A fresh and innocent scent, delicate tulips paired with giggly pink and white sugars.

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Sugared Vanilla (Traditional)

* When you think of Vanilla, this is the vanilla you imagine. Comprised of multiple sources from around the globe, gently sweetened with white sugar.



Sugared Vanilla Bean

* Extract-like concentrated vanilla bean oils and absolutes, with a tinge of booziness, melded with my blend of five sugars.



Sugared Vanilla Velvet

* A conglomeration of the type of vanillas I use when I want a "non-foody" vanilla....vanilla warmth, without the foody-ness. A more perfumey vanilla, that blends well with almost any other perfumey note. This is the elegant side of vanilla. I blended this with complimentary sugars - white and powdered.



Sugared French Vanilla

* A classic buttery creamy vanilla. Ice-creamy vanillas with buttered sugars.



Sugared Vetiver

* A beautiful woody smelling grass, vetiver is a fab essence on both men and women. I took a trio of my favorite vetiver oils and attars, and blended them with white, powdered, caramelized and pink sugars, but no more than necessary for softening and wearablility - the scent still retains it's beautiful freshness and unisex quality.



Sugared Violets

* Five types of gorgeous violet oils and EOs, lightly sweetened with pink, white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Water Lily

* A lovely watery fresh floral, gently sweetened with pink, white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Watermelon

* A blend of juicy watermelons, gently blended with sugars of white and pink.



Sugared Wisteria

* Exotic purple lovliness! Three kinds of beautiful Wisteria oils blended with cotton candy sugars of pink and blue, plus white and powdered sugars.



Sugared Woods

* Can woods smell delicious? I think they can! A beautiful bouquet of various woods - Teak, Mahogany, Oak and Cedar - given a lightly sweetened Autumnal spin with lightly spiced caramelized sugars and soft white sugars too.



Sugared Ylang Ylang

* Famous for it's love drawing properties, Ylang is a very hearty EO, and I've chosen five of the lovliest Ylang EOs on the planet to form a perfectly balanced blossom, sweetened with powdered, pink and white sugars.

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Yay, yahoooo & double yay!!! It all looks absolutely amazing :D

Can't wait to get ordering! Best thing is that all the yummy goodies will arrive just in time before my birthday! I love the timing of the August sale too. Makes like I get loads of extra birthday prezzies :D

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Ahem....I do not think I have a pic from you yet, Rosebud!!!


email: CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com


No pressure.




Which label/s are you still looking for pics for? Any particular scents or do you just want any kind of pic?

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OMG - if my mind wasn't already blown with the sale- going to sound like a nerd but super WOW!! Looks amazing and I'm sure they all smell amazing!! :Emoticons04235:

And I haven't even read the properties yet (yes super nerd on that stuff) - already want to try them all. Sniff. Must stay focused for sale. :) Thank you Mara and all for such wonderful new fragrances and for the sale and for simply being/ having LP!!

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I am cherries!!!

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I'm coconut :)

Edited by liz
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I am romping naked In beautiful field of Sugared Lilies, LOL. Guess I'll add that fantasy to my real Bucket Lust, er uh, I mean LIST.


Seriously, THANK YOU Mara! I love transcending the almighty WEB & seeing who My LP sistahs really are! SJM is right... LP Family.


BTW Sugared Leather ROCKS (naturally!) that's the sexiest one of the bunch... You are an artist in SO many ways.

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I LOVE the labels. Everyone looks absolutely amazing! I don't know what I'm going to do for the sale. I think half my cart is going to be sugareds!!!!

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O M Deity,these are simply stunning :w00t: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...I need to give them more time later today,lol and go back and read too... Liz,I recognized you immediately :icecream: Mara the reflection in her glasses is outstanding,you are an Artist ... too many to comment on right now,you are all so Beautiful ...


ahem... Sugared English ... Toffee ;) I would know those eyes anywhere

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I'm in love with everyone. Everyone is unique and gorgeous. The face in Bonfire is intriguing. I'm not asking who it is I am just saying!! The eyes! Smashing.

And the dancing girl in the red dress for Currants! Nice. Halo is so perfect for Pure Sugar with that fairy tale braid!!


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