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Lindee's Summertime Classic

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When I first got this it was very sweet. I think it was the plumeria taking over everything so I set it aside for a while. Now everything has blended together nicely and it really does smell like you just came from the beach! It is not a strong suntan oil smell. It is a close skin scent like you have some remnants of suntan oil on your skin after spending all day at the beach and you have some salt from the air on your skin. This is the kind of scent that can take you away to another place. I am always looking for beach scents and this is perfect! :greensmilies-024:

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This. I. Love. I'm so glad that I was able to get a bottle of it -- the scent magically transports me to the beach in the summer. It's all about wearing flip flops, sunglasses, laying on the beach or walking on the boardwalk. It's a bit sweet (love the plumeria and neroli), but it is nicely balanced with the coconut/suntan oil scent with a little salt in the background. It makes me want to book a flight to go back down to FL!

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