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OK, so I can't pronounce this one......let's just call it "gypsy wine"......this one is very nicely done. I get the mixed tartness/sweetness that you get from an actual glass of wine, tart at first, and then turning sweeter as it dries down. After it dries, I get a darker more resinous blend as the fruit fades to the background. This one is unusual enough to turn some heads, and very nice! Makes me want to go pour myself a good glass of wine.....

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The intoxicating scent of a variety of sweetened Red Wines (Cabernet, Merlot, Sangria) and Grapes, and the secret Gypsy magic of smokey resins and lust inducing herbs, will seduce you and go right to your head!


Only one review? This scent deserves more love! It's a sweet, "red" scent that's actually very light and pleasant. I received this one as part of the monthly May trial package; otherwise, the emphasis on red wine in the description would have sent me running for the hills. (Sometimes "red wine" has a tendency to go sour or sickly-sweet on me, although I should have had more faith after trying Cocoa Sauvignon.)


One caveat--I'd apply this one and give it a moment to dry, not start huffing the bottle. Wet, this "wine" is very, very strong; like some of my favorite fragrances, this one might get overlooked if you don't wait to enjoy it dry. To borrow Dolly's wine-tasting metaphor, you really do need to slow down, let it breathe, then savor.


Fans of "red," lightly fruity scents should like this one. Sweet, pleasant, refreshing . . . Like a cold pitcher of sangria on a hot summer day. I'd like a whole pitcher--errr, bottle, please!

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In vial: mmm, smells like a sweet juicy fruit punch, but not too boozy yet. I want to drink the vial's contents!

On skin: like a tropical fruit drink. Delicious and sweet and juicy. For some reason, I smell passion fruit in here. I also smell the sangria, and I love it. I can smell some of the peach and pear as well. The great thing about Mara’s grape notes is that they don’t turn to that horrid artificial grape flavouring smell, but they do have a sweet, candied quality to them. This has a grape note a bit like the one in Sugared Grapes, except more red. I can smell just a hint of ginger and maybe allspice as well, hints of spices warming up the fruit. The drydown is less sweet, the bitter aspects of the fruit are more dominant now, it actually gets a little musky too. Now I can really smell the sangria, mmm! And the ginger too, I can really smell the ginger at this point. Not much of the clove or the pear, and the apple note in here is behaving too. This is a delicious wine scent lightened by the other fruits, but given a bit of exotic spice. Not to mention that I’ve been looking for a good sangria scent and this one fits the bill. I’ll have to consider getting more of this intoxicating scent!

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