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Question about life span of cops on skin


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Sorry, if this was already answered somewhere I have no idea where to find it! :$ Originally I posted this question in my review on "Beth's Blushing Milkmaid" but it got no responses there so I figured I'd probably better try again in, you know, an actual forum for questions, hee hee! (And this does apply to more than just that scent so I probably should have just asked over here in the first place...)


Copied and pasted:

The longevity of this one was pretty good, too. I could still smell a little vanilla on my skin after wearing overnight, but it wasn't enough that I couldn't easily cover it with another scent if I wanted. That actually leaves me with a question I hope one of you pros can answer- how long do the cops hang out on the skin? I mean, if I'm wearing them in a scented blend like this and can still smell the perfume, does this mean I'd still be broadcasting "cops vibes"? I ended up washing it off this morning because I didn't want to give that impression if I have to go out and wasn't sure if it was still effective or not ;)



Just to clarify since the rest of the post isn't right here to refer to, I never smelled the cops in BBM in the first place, which is why I have no idea if I still had cops signals going on or not.


Thanks for any input!


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