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Sugared Dogwood Blossom


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Sugared Dogwood Blossoms

* Beautiful dogwood blossoms, dainty yet assertive, melded with sweet white and pink sugars. If you are a cherry blossom fan, you might like dogwood blossom even more!

  • DOGWOOD ~ Wishes granted and protection.
  • SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
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  • 1 month later...

I really like this one and I'm not really a floral girl.


This is a nice sweet floral, reminscent of a honeysuckle on my skin. It's light but with great body to it. I'm adding to my list to get a bottle of this, really want to wear more of it and play with the layering possibilities. On dry down, I feel like it 'blooms' more.


That said, right now enjoying the heck out of wearing it solo. It's also good spring or summery scent and brings back some positive scent memories. Which means I'll def be getting bottle to cheer me through colder days. :D


Once again, totally impressed as this isn't necessarily something I would have chosen on my own (was gift) ... so thank you!! It's elegant, beautiful. Love it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This doesn't smell very floral to me. But I'm really big into florals, so maybe I need something more "flowery" before it can register to me as a floral. To me this smells very "green", as if I'm walking through a plant conservatory or a large plant store. It's not bad at all, just "green" rather than "floral". Quite pleasant smelling though. I think this one would best if layered with a stronger headier flower. Like maybe plumeria or something.

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This is floral and beautiful! Smells like a fine perfume. It is a soft, velvety white scent and not too sweet. The boy said I smell like sunshine. I get it. It does smell like a spring day. I'd love to try this with sugared white musk and maybe the sugared Linen. (Did that end up happening?)

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  • 2 years later...

When this came out, I had heard of Dogwood. But I thought I had no idea of what it smelled like. The first time I wore this it smelled familliar. I knew I had smelled it in mens fragrances.

First on, its Sweet'ish (but not too much) & Unisex. Its not as soapy or floral as apple blossom. But I get that comparison.

Its the unisex apple blossom.

If you've ever huffed a mans scent right off him you should recognize the familiar fragrance note.

As it dries down, on my skin, it becomes more distinctly male to me. Man scent with surprisingly good throw.

Men, if you haven't you should try it. Dont let the sugar (its very light) or the "blossom" fool you.

I'd love to smell this on a man with a dab or 2 of Sugared Black Musk. Yummy.

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