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Sugared Nag Champa


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Sugared Nag Champa

* My favorite incensey note - a collection of thick nag champa oils from around the world, made soft as smoke with powdered, white and caramelized sugars.

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This was slightly less sweet than I expected; the Nag Champa incense I use is quite sweet - and this one being a 'sugared'.


Initially, in the bottle and on my skin, it is quite a dry and almost woodsy smell.

Slowly, it morphs and sweetens a little bit; it's not overwhelming but it is quite present.


There is something dreamy about it; makes me want to sit down into a big chair and bury my nose in a book (something with dragons and mountains and curses and love and tears and treasure) and only come up for air to make more tea.


It's very nice now, but I do think I'll use it layered with something sweeter (LP pink maybe; LP original would work too, of course) for the moment.

However, I do suspect this is one of those scents that will age very well, becoming smoother and more mellow and sweeter with age.

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:burning-heart:I LOVE THIS!!! :burning-heart:


This is a wonderful champa. It's rich, just sweet enough, and oh so VERY satisfying to this nag champa addict! The first comparison that came to mind was of a stick of Goloka Nag Champa, sitting unlit, somewhere nearby...but this perfume is discrete from any incense I own.


On my skin, the flower itself is what snags my heart. I don't get incense so much as just a beautiful champa blossom fit for a Goddess. The sugars that Mara paired with it fit *perfectly*. I have yet to combine this with anything because...well, because I don't wanna. Hee!!! It lasts a goodly long time and hits me as comforting, cozy, supportive, and loving. Oh and I think ssuppytalp is right: This is gonna age crazy-well!


~It's an honor to have my face on this scent.~

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I wore it to salsa tonight layered with Le Femme Noire. I was inspired to wear it because of my makeup choice. A blackened aubergine purple lipstick like you would imagine a fresh, shiny eggplant in the market. Paired it with a thick catty eyeliner.

So I felt the urge for a scent that would be rich, dramatic and exotic.


Indeed, it is all those things. I received compliments from quite a few ladies on the scent.

I personally love smelling like this, it's quite a diva-ish scent in its sultryness, and is very congruent with LFN.


Not to mention super sexy dancer Dave, who... well, chemistry is a marvelous thing. That's all.

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I am absolutely in love with this! A nag fan for decades, it is the only incense I burn. It's very true but just a little extra hint of sweetness. Perfection!

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