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Sugared Violets


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This is soft, powdery and fantastic! Like edible petals that were placed on the icing of a cake or sprinkled over a crème brulee! I don't go crazy for too many florals, but violet is one that I perk up at when I read it in a description. So happy this is on the sugared list - it's gorgeous!

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I've been on a real Violet kick lately. They are just so powdery usually and I lovvve that quality in a scent! Iris is like that too. Mm! I waffled between this and Violet Fairy Cake, then tried the FC sample and though it's gorgeous, it's very short lived.

So I now have this coming as part of my sale order! Yay!

I will review it once it gets here. So excited! If anyone else has sillage or longevity comments, throw em out there and make me more excited than I already am.!

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Violet is one of my favorite notes, and Sugared Violets is still a favorite of mine. To me it smells like this:sprinklebakes+pansy.jpg


Powdery violet encased in a crystalline pink sugar shell, sweet, but not too sweet. I'm not very good at reviews, but this image describes the scent perfectly for me. I also have Sugared Iris and have found the perfect image for that one as well, but it's on my old computer that crapped out! But to me, that one is more opaque and creamy. And I swear, the Mr. Bubble from when I was a kid in the 70's (ack! My forties are showing!!) smelled very similar to this. On me, it has a light to moderate sillage and about a six hour wear (that's just me, YMMV)

I would say that this is still in my top ten, if not the top five for all-time faves. I hope it's a favorite of yours, too! :)

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Oooooo ! Thanks Spriteleigh!! I'm even more excited now! And that picture is GORGEOUS...YUM!! It's been shipped too. Yay!!!

I wish I got Mr. Bubble from Sugared Iris! I've been wanting a perfume that smells exactly like that for years. Demeter makes one, but after 30 minuites..poof!

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Hmmm.. It lasts longer on me by a couple hours. But they are very close! Spriteleighs picture sums it up pretty well! It's more sparkly than the fairy cake. More sugar, no cream. :) you know, there's no vanilla cake or frosting, it's just pure Violet, sweet (not green, or dark or 'dirty' like some violets can be), sweet and PURPLE with the perfect hit of retro powder and a pink crystal glaze. They are close, but different enough I think that if you love Violet you should grab it.

. It's gorgeous! I find these Sugards all to be purer and cleaner than the cakes. A better representation of the true elements they are named for, where the cakes are generally more subtle and well, cakey! :D

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