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New Releases for OCTOBER 2014 - The Weenies Are Here!!


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Do any of you have a Costco membership? I guess they have buffet tables - especially this time of year - which are supposed to be pretty sturdy, and inexpensive.

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Be careful if you are using those folding plastic buffet tables and propane stoves. The plastic will melt under the stove. "Don't ask me how I know ...." as the C&W song goes. Put some plywood or something under the propane stove.

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I like the sturdy catering tables (not sure that's what they are called but they're often used for that. The top (doesn't fold) is a pretty sturdy Formica and the legs are metal, very sturdy, and fold under the top for storage. They come in 5' to 8' long. They have them at Sam's Club & Costco, ect, as far as I know. You would want to put a large trivet or even a cookie sheet under it if you were using a burner. But if the burner is contained you should be ok.

The older catering tables, if you can find them, maybe in a used resturaunt supply place, have a fairly thick plywood top, heavier than the others and you don't have to worry about melting or warping.

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