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Flying Potion 2014

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On 11/15/2014 at 10:27 AM, LadyVictoria said:

I think I was in serial killer fuck you mode and I ODd because I did not want to go to jail. I practically snorted Levitation off my tits- and BOOM I became Jurassic Park EN 3D VIVO

It was 100% worth it to come back here to read @LadyVictoria's wise words. I wore this today to test Levitation, I finally know what's not working with me and this scent. Besides the fact that I'm jealous, I want to go grab my grapefruit EO and top off the bottle so I can have same experience as you all, there's never enough grapefruit in anything for me. But I'm realizing that I amp marshmallow. There have been a few marshmallows that people have gone crazy for, and I'm like, I don't get it. I put it on 4 hrs ago, it's mostly marshmallow now. Here's the thing, I immediately knew it was sweeter than I wanted, so I applied Jenna's Domina Venus next to it. The two of them together, with the darker vibe of the amber and Musk and tobacco added was perfect. Anyone who has both should try it. But now I'm back to marshmallow overwhelm.

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I had this on all day today, what with it being the eve of the birth of the marshmallow chick. Here's the thing, I love all of the ingredients in here except marshmallow. (I know, I know, that makes me a bad person.) My favorite jellybeans, though, are the big sugary black ones. That's my kind of party. I realized I have no other FB's with Levitation, so this might come off my trade list. I will consider it my destiny IF someone gives me some marshmallow chicks tonight. I love to eat them. I just don't need to smell them. Do they even smell them same? Either way, this scent was 100% perfect for the day before Easter basket madness. 

I'm going into a show soon and I think it's mostly gone so I will cover myself and whatever's left with Domina Venus. Not that anyone will smell me over the weed! It's 4:20, Bro! I'm currently in an area in CA where everyone grows so no one will be smelling anything but each others' weed. 

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