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Private Editions for October/November 2014

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I've completed all the PE orders that have come in this month, but if any more arrive before November I will add them to this list. Some extremely nice combos this month, good job creators! :D Nice to see the guys getting in on the PE program too!


These are ready to ship now and are going out to the creators tomorrow and Monday. Feel free to reserve here if you'd like one of the extras.




Lina's Candy Hearts

A wonderfully delicious combo of bright Strawberry, Maraschino Cherry, Cotton Candy and Coconut Cream. A+++ YUM!

0/6 bottles available - Saffron, Birkeysx2, Salex, Kitty, LadyV

Alternates: MrsChrissyRez



Eugiene's Singing in the Rain

This is a rebrew for Eugiene, on his third bottle of this beautiful, natural, rainy scent. All watery, dewy greenery, with hints of ozone and a base of silky green musk.

4 bottles available



Lina's Creamy Apple

Ripe red apples surrounded with multiple creamy creme brulee notes, on a bed of lush coconut cream and moist woodies. Love!

0/4 bottles available - Saffron, Seajammarket, PurpleHoney, Luna

Alternates: LadyV



Jon's Thorn

Jon put a lot of thought into his delightful "masculine rose" scent. It's definitely manly, but a strong woman could pull this off too. The consensus around here is that it comes off as classic and a tad olde fashioned, enjoyable for both sexes to wear. Ingredients: Wild rose and rose attar, Indian oud, Arabian clove, black musks, and touches of Indian sandalwood and vetiver.

3 bottles available



Tyvey's Berry Patch

This one got a round of applause over here, verrry nice. (John said it should be an "everyone edition", not just a Private Edition...and it might be, yet!) Sweetened elegant black currant blended with creamy ylang ylang and coconut cream, on a base of sheer white patchouli. Mwah! Superb!

0/4 bottles available - Saffron, Seajammarket, CinnMel, Birkeys

Alternates: Hearts, LadyV



Donna's Elfin Princess

An adorable, sensual, floral bouquet of Frangiapani, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and a soft Rose, with a single drop of Sandalwood in the base.

1 bottle available Anon2F



The Birkeys - Pink Me in the Tropics

Pineapple, Guava and Coconut Cream sweetened with pink berry sugars, with a dash of musky Oakmoss in the base and crowned with an Orchid on top. A tropical delight!

2 bottles available - Anon2F, Saffron

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Could I reserve 2 of Lina's Candy Hearts and 1 Tyvey's Berry Patch please?

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Hi Purple Honey! And WELCOME! :D


Whenever you are ready, you've got a few options for paying. You can either email us for an invoice (if this all looks too confusing) at CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com

or you can do it yourself on the site.




Scroll down to teh piggeh:



Additional bottles of any Private Edition = $24.95


Which fragrance?:


Hope that helps! :)

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Any hints as to when the PEs that were submitted later in October will be available? I know Mara is extremely busy trying to get the November NRs ready by the end of this week so I am happy to wait. I am just excited as this is my first PE.

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Just wondering about the PEs submitted after these were posted...will they be ready soon? Please forgive me..I'm trying very hard to be patient, but this is my first PE and I'm super excited...I know there may not be extra made, but I was hoping either way it would be posted here..thank you so much...:)

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I plan to have them ready tomorrow. :)


Ohhhh, that's wonderful!! Definitely going to have sweet dreams tonight!! thank you, Mara....Jill xo :)

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If it's ok with Mara and you want to LV, I'm happy to split my tyv's berry patch?


I'm sorry, they are already bottled and labeled. But there is one extra of each I think, if the creator doesn't want another I will put those up for grabs.

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OMG, Mara, the label is beautiful!!! I love it!!! Donna's is also gorgeous!!!



Beautiful labels!
TheBirkeys, I love the name of your PE! :)


Thanks, Cutie Pie!! I am wanting to do a series of "pink" potions with "Pink Me" somewhere in the name... ;)




Can you share the notes in your brew with us, thanks


Well, dolphin dolls, this is my first PE and I'm not too sure of which notes go together so I gave Mara various ones and told her what was my inspiration and gave her carte blanche to work her magic.. ;) Some that I gave her were vanilla, tropical fruits, coconut, orchid, musk, sandalwood, berry sugars and spun sugar (cotton candy), but whether she used those or thought others would be better I don't know yet...My inspiration came from her Pink Musk, Levitation scented, Sweet Chic and Midnight Rapsody....I am waiting also to see the final notes she chose..I'm sure it will be to die for!! :D

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