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Lina's Creamy Apple


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Ripe red apples surrounded with multiple creamy creme brulee notes, on a bed of lush coconut cream and moist woodies. Love!



This is one of the prettiest apple scents I have ever smelled. Despite the foody notes, this does not smell foody. It's soft, gauzy and ethereal. It smells like a "white" scent and is almost clean smelling on my skin but has this creamy, velvet like feel. The apple isn't bright nor is is extremely sweet. The woods are giving it this haunting sexiness that almost smells "cold" to my nose and is addictive because I can't stop smelling my wrist. Sorry if this review is weird, but scents bring to mind different colors and textures to me. Mara, this is a beautiful scent that I will treasure. I thought I would have like my other candy PE more, but this one has captivated me.

For comparison, it's not as apple-y as Tease. It's going very luxe bath product with my chemistry. The blending of the notes here is simply amazing!

Thanks Mara!

Eta: I think a good phero pairing for this would be LFM or EST. I'm getting a fem but goddess-y vibe from the notes:)

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I agree that this is not quite a gourmand. The apple is very red and bright, but even at the center of the construction it is more of a note for the others to play off of rather than predominant. The sweet creamy notes lend a velvety smoothness beneath and the wood accents compliment the apple - because apple and wood is a classic combination - and lend a warmth to the whole which is a great fall evocation. It reminds me of those kinds of scents which are meant to be evocative of a thing yet wholly abstracted. This, to me, is an abstraction of a fall day at an orchard or some other place where you would encounter the scents of apples and woods and something sweet, but also ends up smelling utterly polished and womanly. This is like another version of Nibble Me This, now that I think about it - not that they're meant to be similar, but just another version of that idea.

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