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Is LAM a no-go for a first date? Suggestions?

Frida's Lotus

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Hi lovely gurus of LPMP--


I've been wearing LAM lately and LOVING the selfies, and getting huge hits!


I have a date coming up with someone I really like (we've done those 2x 5 hour long conversations on the phone and we just click!)

So-- I want to cement the physical side of things on the first date-- not the full monty, but a make-out session would be FANTASTIC. I want to leave him wanting more-- in a big way.



So, is LAM a good way to go? I'm thinking given the Cops (and Dolly's brilliant threads on them) that it's probably not the best idea. I was thinking Gotcha? Any other suggestions?



Thanks in advance


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This is a hard questions to answer. LAM is a social sexual for me, but more of a social than sexual.


I haven't tested Gotcha yet, but I think this reduces inhibitions. What kind of hits do you get with Gotcha and do you get selfies from it?


Have you tried Cougar? I know that is another social/sexual phero that is highly recommended.

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Well, if you do wear LAM, you will be giving this guy a big chemical signal that you want to get laid, right then and there. May not be where you want to go on the first date.

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What Dolly said. It all depends on the signal you want to send.

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Perfect Match really does capture that 1st blush of puppy dog love in a bottle (for people that are attracted to one another). Otherwise it's a super warm fuzzy blend :)

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