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Tyvey's berry patch


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I asked for: sweet blackcurrant, ylang ylang, dense fatty LV pussycat-type coconut cream, and a bit of the softest, blondest, least headshoppy patchouli at the castle :)


I actually didn't have a strong idea what it would all smell like together. Even so, it really surprised me! It has an enormous throw, the most I've experienced from any LP ever. It's dark yellow and royal purple. It's bright, springlike, and daytime. It's candy-like and yet creamy. The scent is not like any lp I remember, but the "feel" is like my musk peony plum, eternal chain, Perty flirty, or goodie tooshu - that kind of bright, colorful, multidimensional thing. Pherowise I would most see this with Lace or OW. Delicious!

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Back to report I tried this with un cuddle bunny tonight and it covered perfectly and instantly. Even better, while wet, the est made the ylang very bright and sunshiny, almost lemony - very enjoyable!

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I am very happy I was able to snag a bottle of Tyvey's Berry Patch! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not because I tend to amp patchouli. Every time I wear it I can't stop smelling myself..lol It is one of the most original PEs I have tried. The patchouli is really very beautiful and adds so much to the overall fragrance. The sweetness is there and it is just enough. The coconut doesn't stand out on me...in every perfume I have with coconut, it tends to fade into the background. Maybe it's that everything just blends together beautifully because the ylang ylang was there, but didn't stand out. Either way, I love it!!! I'm so mad at myself for not having it boosted with a fabulous phero blend like Lumina, Gotcha or Perfect Match.


One thing is for sure...if there ever happens to be a rebrew...I'm snagging some more!! ;) A winner in every way!!! :D

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Congrats tyvey ! Here it is only 9 months later and you and your creation are even more famous !!

I'm loving the softness of this. The longer it is on my skin, the more it speaks to me of gentleness. I could see myself wearing this around very young children, for rocking them to sleep when they are upset. It's also soothing my own inner child.

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I didn't really understand what I was smelling the first and only time I sampled this one, I'm so glad I've come back to it! From the name, I've passed over since then, thinking it was strawberry and patchouli. I trust Tyvey, but I just wasn't reaching past so many other delicacies for "strawberry and patchouli!"

I tried it again this afternoon, and I've been huffing myself since then. The black currant and soft patch do make up the "dark yellow and royal purple" feeling. I walked to the store wearing it and it just went with the pretty day. I got stopped by a (gay) man to co-admire a neighbor's flowers, which happened to be mostly varieties of purple with bright yellow blossom accents. The coconut cream and ylang tie the black currant and patchouli together, I think it would be dry (?) without the coconut. Can black currant be dry? I don't think I can pick out the ylang ylang on it's own. 

I believe there was a later variant of this one, Kissed by the Sun. It's currently (or currant-ly) in my metal shopping cart. 


After showering and re-applying, I understand why I didn't take to it at first. I smell green! Like fresh green. I don't know where I'm getting green from, and I'm not a green scents gal. I think it takes a half hour or so before it settles into something I need to keep huffing.

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