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Is Pheromas Affecting Shipping of Other Orders?


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I just wondered, as I ordered a big order last week and haven't got an email saying it shipped yet. I thought maybe things are slower at the moment because of the preparation for Pheromas. I just want my stuff! lol


(So much for my "I'm not ordering anything until the Pheromas samples come out!" claim. ;) )

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I have no idea...I just know that when I've ordered before, I get the shipping notice pretty fast.


You'd have an idea if you read the front page of our website or your order confirmations.


You'd also have an idea if you actually emailed us and asked.


John will tell you if your order has shipped if you email us. I do not have access to that info at this late hour, but as you ordered 3 days ago, not a week ago, I will assume that your order is still in the queue. And of course, everyone receives an email with their tracking info when a package has shipped.

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Oh, I ordered it Sunday. Been a long week.


I was just wondering, not complaining. I'm sorry if I offended. I thought I read that you guys sometimes combine orders if the customer makes another purchase soon after the first, which could delay the order. So I wondered if that would be the case with Pheromas.

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Wow, I wasn't actually worried--more curious--but I think they shipped tonight anyway! That was fast.


I seriously, seriously thought it was longer ago than Sunday that I ordered the sugared layerables and whatnot. I get sooo excited about these; I can't help it.


I need to win the lottery to keep up with my new addiction... :/

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