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Dom Noire w/ Dominance Potion + Copulins

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So I got up after 4.5 hours of sleep, got organized and dabbed this on thinking I need something strong. It woke me up. Gave me a real physical boost getting through a busy friday shift. It turns into something dark that smells like fur or other animal things. With a tinge of dark maple syrup. I can see how this is sexy. Not particularly "me", but... the effects are awesome!

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Adding it was that good that I'm wearing this to salsa tonight. Red lips, black clothes, rock'n'roll attitude. Hell yeah.

I'm adding to tell you about what happened that night:

I was in an extremely confident mode. Kind of a "get things done" attitude. Ten minutes after arriving at the club, halfway into my second dance... the couple dancing next to me were beginners, the woman was taking large steps and that sent her stiletto into my left foot.

Not only was my foot bruised, but she tore my shoe. Instead of losing it and going home bummed out, I found myself looking for a needle and thread at 1AM, to sew the shoe back into useable shape.

a dancer who I met outside the club was on his way home, but he offered to get me a needle and thread from his apartment nearby. I agreed only if it wasn't a bother to him. He waited until I was done sewing my shoe, and I ended up having a blast with a sore foot and a stitched-up shoe like a BOSS. Felt like a total boss. Totally in command, alert, in the music, confident, authentic. WOW.

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Guest cutie.pie

This one is dark, but very sensual. Not a me scent but I'm keeping my sample....you know, just in case ;)

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Got a really cool hit from a customer a couple of days ago.


I was wearing this because it really wakes me up... and I was really tired after an evening shift the night before.

So the man, looks like he's in his 50's, after I helped him pick a few products, thanked me and - completely unsolicited - said:

"I like ladies woth short hair. You are good-looking."

Out of nowhere. I thanked him and he left, but he never did this before. Funny. :)

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