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Ladybird w/ Levitation

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I just re-read my earlier Ladybird review. It's funny that sour skittles gets a mention, but this does not smell like sour skittles, and I know this because I bought a bag today and just ate some, WAY more tart. He's crazy.


It was the perfect perfume, though, to take 4 kids to see A Wrinkle In Time. It was one of my favorite books as a kid (I'm sure that applies to at least 80% of the people on this forum) so I bought the tickets weeks ago. I wasn't disappointed. Of course a movie seen by an adult will never compare to the magic of a kids interpretation of a book, but knowing that and having reasonable expectations, the movie was delightful enough for me.

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I decided to wear this for the past couple of days (to work and at home). I have a sample vial and put it on the following areas: a swipe of the stick between cleavage, a swirl around the belly button, a swipe on the back of the neck and a swipe on the back of each of my wrists (far enough down that I would be waving my phero/scent cloud in my and others faces as I move my arms around, but just high enough that I wouldn't wash it off when washing my hands). I never seemed to get much in the way of self effects with open windows, but I can't believe how amazing I feel when I have this on. It's like no one can pull me down out of my happy place no matter what. I felt a constant awareness that I was blessed and that everything was always working out in my favor. People were super friendly and coworkers were especially agreeable even when there has been tension previously. I could wear this every day, but I don't want to put it's effectiveness at risk. Besides, there are lots of pheros/ fragrances to choose from. BTW, I love the scent. Just a quick note, I think that knowing how much and where a particular potion is applied is invaluable to newbies and others. Even if we need to experiment to find our own sweet spot, I think it's really useful when experienced members post their experiences and their usage. Just a thought.

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