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Mixing for dummies? Tropique and PM?

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Hi all— I know this is a “your mileage may vary” thing but I’d love some advice from all you wise folk out there. I have an OBSESSION with Tropique. It is my all time favourite smell and I can’t get enough of it! Is it okay to mix it with other pheros, specifically, gotcha or perfect match? This would be for a third date type scenario (but in a situation where we are taking things very slowly).

Any advice very appreciated.
P.S. Tropique has cops in it, but I don't know how much/what affect they have when mixed with PM or Gotcha
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Well, PM has no cops so not to worry there. Gotcha! has a touch of cops but I wear them together and don't have problems. As for which one to choose, I think either could be good depending on how you two have related so far. I'm a fan of both but I'd probably just let PM edge out Gotcha! if I had to choose. Plus, if he's not into commitment then PM might spook him a bit and help weed him out early! If that's NOT what you want then maybe try Gotcha!


Do you have a clean, empty trial vial sitting around you could use to mix a tester of phero'd Tropique. You could do one with PM and one with Gotcha!, even.

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I don't think the very small amount of cops in Gotcha is a big deal.

PM is a great early dating phero. A great bonder.

Gotcha works nicely too. Especially if you want him to open up.

Tropique is such a pretty light scent, it would go nicely with those pheros. Nice emphasis on the romance.

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Yeah, there's isn't any conflict with cops & Perfect Match. The only blends you wouldn't want to layer over the already copulin enhanced Tropique would be Sexpionage, an OCCO, Cuddle Bunny, basically anything already copulin heavy :)

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