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dosage on lace/ PM

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My "technique" for phero dosing thus far (and bear in mind that I'm still pretty much a newbie with all of this) is just to start small and work my way up until I'm getting the effect I'm going for. I start with just a couple of small dabs and work my way up to whatever that amount is. Some pheros I need a lot less of than others, so if I went off someone else's recommendation who needs more, I could end up wasting a lot of product. Part of the fun is experimenting and seeing what works for you! :)


With PM, I personally don't need much see the effects in myself and my man, I only apply a dab to my forearms and decolletage, and if I know we'll be intimate, a smidge to the sides of my neck too. Your mileage may vary! I've never tried Lace. Please review when you try them, I always love to read about other people's experiences :)

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