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Female use of TeddyBB, BB, or B2 for interviews or dates?

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Hi all. I'm reading about the usual suggestions for first dates, which would include LFM, LFN, SS4W or Lace (which I unfortunately don't have yet). But I'm curious about a less sexual, less serious pheromone to use for a date with someone within the company. I was offered recently to go to the ballet on Friday with a research doctor I've seen around. We're both aspiring medical professionals (he's older and further along though) so I am more than a little self-conscious about appearing too... slutty, I suppose. :(


As with most workplace "meetings" outside of the office, there's a certain amount of discretion needed so I'm looking to tone down the sexy in case he gets chatty with co-workers. For me, wearing LFN at work everyday in loose pants and shirt is one thing; wearing LFN or SS4W in a form-fitting black dress is another. Ideally, I would like to have a companionable first outing (maybe not "have him wrapped around my finger" just yet). I'll dress the part, but I want to keep the phero message to say "she's so intriguing" rather than "she tryna to get laaaaaid." If there is a phero that would avoid hand-holding, yeah I'm looking for it, lol.


It sounds like one of the B's might help, but my experience is very limited unfortunately... So would anyone have a suggestion for a date with an medical professional/researcher that needs to stay out of the realm of 'hook-up'? I am asking for advice in the vein of male/unisex pheros, but if you have a tried and true favorite, I'm still all ears. Thanks!


Aaaand, second question:


Does anyone have an opinion on the used of TeddyBB or B2.2 for interviews instead of SWS? Sharks often gives me a laser-like focus that I'm afraid might come off too strong. I'm interviewing for a coordinator position (within the parent company but outside the hospital) so I want to basically be really well liked by a reserved, Muslim, 60-something, academics dean. He's a quiet man and the other person I may interview with is similarly introverted and keeps to himself. I could be honing in too much on the religion, but my theory is that he would be better swayed by a less feminine signature (assertive or not) and more of a buddy vibe. Thoughts on "one of the boys" pheros and interview experiences in general?


Okay, I'll shut my trap... THANK YOU!

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I would absolutely avoid any of the Bs. Totally wrong vibe. I agree Perfect Match which is unisex would be great for both situations. Plus I wouldn't wear any of the Bs around a man for the first time as the main ingredient in those can cause depression in some men.

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Whelp, I was completely off the mark, lol. Thank God for these forums, otherwise I would have blown two opportunities in a heartbeat! I unfortunately don't have Perfect Match yet, nor do I have Heart & Soul, but I think it is definitely time now that the Pheromas trials are available. Thank you thank you ladies for averting the disaster that would have been me!


Interview is this morning at 11:30. Date is this Friday at 7:30. I'll let you know what happens!


(Also, I don't know what to think of your avatar, Halo. I'm just... Really. I have no--just--I can't.) :smiley-laughing024:

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I would absolutely avoid any of the Bs. Totally wrong vibe. I agree Perfect Match which is unisex would be great for both situations. Plus I wouldn't wear any of the Bs around a man for the first time as the main ingredient in those can cause depression in some men.

Yes, I agree. I've never had any of the B's call to me for a first date. PM, Gotcha or if there's a warm social that you've had good things happen with would be my choice. I might choose LFM if I was looking for a particular type of guy, the treat me like a Princess kind ;) lol good luck.

I'd skip the B's and strong sexual blends (heavy cops, 'none) IMO.

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Thank you again ladies for steering me clear of an imminent disaster. After arriving at work, I applied a two inch swipe of LFM between my cleavage and two inches on either sides of my neck before smooshing it around with the backs of my hands. Think the amount was okay--maybe someone would suggest less? Seemed good because about an hour later, I got two hits from my supervisor and office mate as I stood to leave the interview. (They don't know I'm actively looking and interviewing.)


The interview went kinda okay. Usually I go into an interview with a sharper mindset and focus (pheros or no), so the whole thing may have just been out of my comfort zone to start since I was literally sneaking from under my boss. Not sure if I can blame pheros. From experience LFM for me gives a charming coolness rather than a focus, so that could have played a part, but I just was off my game, point blank.


I wasn't really expecting some of the questions for some stupid reason (even though they were basic fare), so I got thrown off and a little flustered/nervous. They would ask 'soft' or relative questions, which I've never been good at: "How do you deal with someone yelling at you?" "Why do you enjoy working with students?" etc. My answers are from the vein of of "It's just what I've been doing all my life, so I've found ways to be good at xyz." (PSA: Surgeons are belligerent babies most of the time.)


Then they through me for a loop by both asking about where I see myself in 5 and 10 years, and like a damn fool I answer honestly with "Getting a graduate degree." Now I'm worried they won't hire me because I'm going to just leave. *smacks forehead* Finally one of the doctors asked me what do I like to do for hobbies (thanks LFM!), which should have been my time to shine. But all I literally thought is, "I budget my accounts so I can buy pheromone-enhanced boutique perfumes" LOL. Instead I lamely said, "I like crafts and recently bought a sewing machine. I am learning to sew." I can't even tell you how loud the GROAN going through my brain was.


After, I just wanted to leave as soon as possible because it was just the most flat I've ever been in any interview.


Sooo... guess there goes that opportunity. And I guess I'll be stuck under this one angry and manipulative surgeon until my hospital goes completely under and everyone's laid off. :Emoticons04284:


Next disaster up: Date night at the ballet! LOL. The way things are going I'll probably start off well before... :Dannaalterego:


(Edited: because I apparently liked saying one whole sentence twice. And I just generally couldn't write that day.)

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Reaaaal late getting back here, but I appreciate everyone steering me clear of a true disaster so I'll mention how the date went.


Date night went wonderfully. Even though I didn't have any Perfect Match or Gotcha at the time, after experimenting with my Pheromas trials, I can see where they would have been great choices. I ended up wearing LFN, which is my (high-heeled, sexy) shoe. Mr. Research remained ever the gentleman, and kept everything extremely respectful. Guess I got my wish because there was no hand-holding (lol) except for helping me in and out of the taxi's. Overall it was a really comfortable and relaxing time, and I thought a success.


Now I'm a little confused though. Maybe he is too, though, since I've been testing some new pheros of late, lol. Schedule-wise, things have worked, so we've been seeing each other almost every other day. He's still quite hands off, though. Hmmm. Not that I'm complaining--it's really refreshing not to have someone pushy about taking clothes off two dates in (pheros or no). But still, it's curious...


I've been changing up the phero signature quite a bit, so I am going to have to pick one and stick with one. Started off with Totem: Bat w/LFN (first significant conversation, and first date at the ballet), Betrothal Potion two times (second date at the movies), then Coquette w/Bang! when he visited (but that was a mistake, since I thought it was the November NR with Gotcha). On Sunday, he came over to watch football, so I applied UN Lace with a little Seer w/ True Confessions on the backs of my hands and in the part of my hair. After laying on his lap and fingering his football jersey (wafting the TC in his face lol) I started dropping some heavy questions that had been on my mind. The whole time I had to initiate contact, really. But he answered my questions openly and calmly and I was relieved with the responses so I let things be. But then we ordered pizza and he moved to sit in the chair next to the couch and left me by myself. After a while, he suddenly said, "Tell me one thing you like, and don't like." I offered some lame quirks like waking up before the alarm clock and hating wet feet. Then he dropped, "I like having sex in public places." LOL!


It was a verrry interesting bunch of... Let's say, "charged" conversations after that, lol. But I do notice those topics come up usually only when we are physically separated. If I'm laying on his lap or on his shoulder, things stay rather prim and proper. He rarely initiates touch. However once I'm on the other end of the couch or laying out while he sits in a nearby chair, the whole atmosphere changes and he starts in on the after-hours talk... Just super interesting thing I thought I'd note.


Not sure if I should continue with the Lace, Bang, or go with Gotcha. But I will definitely stay away from the B's!

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