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Which wax melt to help with anxiety


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Hi all,


I am very new to all thing phero and am currently waiting for my first order of goodies. However in a couple of weeks I want to order some of the wax melts. My SO, from time to time, suffers from bouts of anxiety and depression. I was wondering if there is a wax melt I could use so when he comes over to mine he feels relaxed and which would help ease his anxieties? I want him to feel comfortable and that my place is a safe haven for him to escape his worries and chill.

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But is B2 a good phero for him if he's subject to depression?

It's great for me but men and women seem to respond to it very differently.


I'd suggest the coffee scent with Levitation. it was such a hit here.

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Just been over in the Etsy store. I knew it would happen, I had no self control and couldn't wait until after Christmas and have just ordered:


Drive by Fruiting w/ Open Windows

Summer Time w/ Levitation

and After the Rain...no pheros in that one but the scent sounds so fresh and refreshing.


I also couldn't resist Playdate w/ Magnet as peach and lime etc just sounded gorgeous

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Drive By Fruiting with Open Windows is great! Great happy vibe from the phero and uplifting scent, too.

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