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  1. Thanks! I just got around to placing my order today so I'll definitely add your suggestions to sample! Can't wait : ))
  2. Occo SLF and it actually smells good on me without a coverup. I tried to place an order yesterday and had trouble with the cart so I'm going to try again today and I think I'm going to order the April samples : ))
  3. That's funny...someone actually told me I smelled like the Humane Society...lol. I used to rescue dogs so I know that smell well and you can only imagine. Yes, I too love the musks and the honey so I'll definitely try Dance of Passion. Have you found any others with pheros that worked for you?
  4. I've been trying them one at a time to pick my favorites and hands down Occo in number one!! From the first time I put it on and my husband told me that I smelled good hours later I knew it was going to be a hit. My sample is almost gone so I'll be ordering that today. What I like most about it has been the variety of people it's attracted, including women...that's a plus, but also sex reaches new heights when I have it on...very animalistic : )) Besides the Occo, my next have is Love Potion Gold...I'm not sure what it is but it just makes me feel good when I wear it. I like the softness of Soie et Fourrure too so those would be my top three. Least favorite would definitely be Sexology III, which disappointed me because I was excited to try the pheromones but it was almost repulsive to me and I had a hard time covering it up. I also didn't like Love Potion #9, it gave me a headache as did the Summer Solstice. I guess they were just too strong. Now that I've picked my favorites from my first samples I'd love Mara to pick some more samples for me to try. Thanks again for all your input!!
  5. Guess what I received in the mail today? My samples!!! I can't wait to try them : )) I'm feeling a little naughty already!
  6. woo hoo!! just ordered my samples and I can't wait!!! I ordered one of each...lol...not really but a sample of most that you all recommended! stay tuned for updates : )) xoxo
  7. WOW! Thank you for all the responses and suggestions! I'm going to try to order today!! I can't wait : ))
  8. Hey all! In the search for a sexy natural fragrance I landed here and I'm excited to try some of your exciting fragrances. I'm a little overwhelmed with choosing and was wondering if I share a little info about me if you can help me pick a few to try. I won't give you my age because I don't believe we age in numbers but in our mind...so in my mind I still feel 25. I met my soul mate when I was 19 and he's still my soul mate. We're together 24/7 in work and life and true best friends. We're also very freaky sexually and sex is always amazing and often. We love life and live to the fullest in everything we do. We love music and we love to party. We own a hip-hop/rap recording studio and love the lifestyle and the music...we spend alot of time partying with the stars. I love to turn him on and am looking for something that will make him crazy. I'd like to experiment with the pheromones some but would also like to try a fragrance that is more basic. On a personal level I'm a libra, I love the sun, i love dogs and I'm a flirty party girl...I would say I'm bisexual...I love my man but adore women and love to share. I love attention but I'm emotional, compassionate and a lover. The only fragrance I've ever really liked is musk and the musk I used no longer makes it. My husband is sensitive to many fragrances so the department store stuff don't work for me. I want something that turns us both on...and anyone else that's within range! I'm ready to order! Help me!
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