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  1. KrazyKat, how did the revenge at the reunion go? I have to admit I'm impatiently awaiting your report, because I'm in a similar situation
  2. Yeah, I think reducing it with with that type of scent is a good idea. What about something fruity/sour?
  3. Additional sweetness would be too much for me, but thank you anyway, every advice appreciated I will follow that advice and try the bergamot essential oil. Vampire Bait is coming with my next order. I went FB without sniffing it, but reading the listed notes and the reviews I'm sure I'll like it
  4. Thank you very much I hope that will solve the problem
  5. The description says it is milky bitter almond, jasmine, sensual musk and rich vanilla. It's a veeery sweet (a bit) floral IMO. IDK if it's the almond and/or vanilla that make me sick or maybe the fragrance as a whole. One spray is veeery strong when it comes to the fragrance and I need 4-6 sprays to make the phero work, but with that much it's . It sticks to my skin, but it has a great throw either. You're right, I don't want a disaster. I thought about layering instead of mixing. I've tried it with my LPMP sample of Spring Fever and it took over , but it's not a "me" scent I did the same with my favourite fragrance, but it's not powerful enough to overtake it I prefer fresh herbal, floral scents. My current favourite perfume contains the following notes: Mint, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Jasmine, Peony, Pink Pepper, Cedar Wood, Labdanum No, it's not from THAT place
  6. I have a scented phero from antoher company, which works great as a phero, but the scent makes me feel sick. Is there a way to unscent it? If not - can You please recommend a floral LP fragrance that will overpower it when I mix them together?
  7. How does this one work considering the intent and as a phero, since it contains H&S?