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  1. Hello, I'm very happy to have discovered LPMP and look forward to wearing their products. I admit to being daunted at first by the many choices here, but with your and Customer Service Heather's help, have settled on what will be my first purchase: SS4M silicone with an added fragrance, either Eternal Sunshine or Sandy Bottom. I asked Heather for a scent that is cool and crisp and not too in your face. I will be ordering some trial sizes as well. I'm looking for a mens fragrance w/pheros that includes copulins. I did a search in the forums but the results are coming up too generalized (or not at all when I try to be specific) so I would appreciate your input. As I intend to order a couple more trial sizes, I turn to the experienced users here who can suggest some scented pheromones that will give me a more rounded LP experience. I'm 45 years of age, single and, due to my work, will be meeting many vacating women this summer! Thank You!
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