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  1. I got a LP Pink with LFM and I tried sometimes ago, bad experiences... I felt good during the day I worn it (yes, like a queen) and hanged out with my husband. But the day after I worn it (maybe 2 days after), his attitude was quite different and being rude. I dont know why, but stopped using LFM on him. Dont wanna suffer his temper again.
  2. Thanks all I have ordered TC, PM, BAM and Lace just now, but waiting the delivery to HK, its too long. BTW, last Sunday, I've tried OW in oil, 2 stripes on each arm, seemed nothing different between us. Was I applied too less? Dolly, May i know your application amount of OW?
  3. Here's my situation I discovered my husband has an affair two months ago, after some discussions with him and we decided to save our marriage. However, there're some problems that make me feel stressful and lost. I would like to use some pheros to make myself and the atmosphere (while we are at home or together at anywhere) becomes more happy and relax. 1) My husband is not completely 'cut off' connection with the affair. He felt heart-break and showing his sad face, like everyone should stay away from him. What I want him to feel more happy while he is with me and the kids, and trying to heal his so-called breaking heart. 2) We have communication problems since I gave birth, we seemed not to tell others how our thoughts anymore. As the path of rebuilding our marriage, I believe both of us should trust each other and be open-minded to talk anything. And lessons learnt, I told him how stress and how I feel of the betrayal; I want my husband to share with me more how he feels and what the main problems he is facing. Can OW help? Many thanks.
  4. I experienced Open Window and LFM last week, when I went for a business trip with my ex to meet the new clients. Both clients I have never met and only did have a few online chats before. I worn LFM on the first day and it supposed to attract my ex, overall our meeting went great but I felt our client would like to know more on me than our service packages; he kept looking at me, ignoring my ex, helping to pour tea into my cup, etc; which made my ex went a little bit anger and a few times my ex needed to bring back to the business topics. On the way back to our hotel, my ex was silent and anger, but I know he looked at me more than a few times and we sat closely than usual. I think he was anger because someone could treat me Good (I wished he was haha) Lesson learnt and I worn Open window on the second and third day; I am introverted too, mostly if clients have no question and I will easily turn into the dead-air situations. Results: at the beginning, clients and I didn't talk too much, some self introduction of both parties and exchanged business cards (just like everyone does), but within 10 mins, might be shorter, our clients became talkative and opened up letting us know what kind of services package suits their company. The meeting was successful and I was surprised that I was chatty, presented our packages well and OW made our interactions went more great. I also received the compliment from my ex, whom judges me always than others. (Big thanks to Dolly) Back to your situation, I also vote for Open window, although I am also a newbie and need more different experiments, above just FYR. And Good luck
  5. Thank you, all of you. As a newbie, I m happy to receive your feedbacks, it really took your time on writing the long posts. Thank you again. I understand Pheros cannot change someone's mind but help situation be more pleasant. Although my wish is getting back together, I do more worry his mood and mind. I don't want to be pushed away when he is in bad temper or moody; makes me feel negative when he tells me how bad the life is. I put everything on me last week, because I wanted to see the effects first, so that I could pick the correct one for coming 3-days business trip with him. Also, I only have one and half month time to experience pheros with my ex, Im leaving company on mid October. Time is limited and I rushed everything. This guy was into my life for years from friends, co workers, BF and back to co workers. I don't wanna be strangers or further damage what we have. But yes, after reading your feedbacks and some other threads, Dolly, your post which Stacy shared is great, its punching my face; Stacy, thanks for bringing link here; and I better slow down as Eggers said. Pheros is expensive and the shipping cost to Asia is damn high. Honestly, I cannot move on although I asked to myself. I did some tarot tests and most of results told me to try again, not to giving up. And I think as long as I link with him, I can do something instead if sitting and waiting for my deadline comes. So tomorrow, I will use OW as we are in team working, 3 guys and us; will save the Gotcha and PM for the time when only we two work together.
  6. Im newbie and first post here, started my experiments since early Aug. Please move it if I post at the wrong place. My first order was LFM with LP Pink in spray and Lace scented with Vampire bait in oil. After read threads of LFM and your experiences of mixing combos, I ordered Gotcha, PM, OW and Bang, all UNs and in oil. For LFM scented, I worn it for 4 days last week; i got some hits from the co workers and contractors. They offered me a free coffee and helped me to fix items without charges. I have know them for years and my really first time received compliments on my outfits and makeup (just a white Tee, black jeans and i dressed like that more than million times! AND i wear smoky eyes daily since I graduated from high school in 2001) and they showed "they are willing to help" faces, invited for coffee break. (They mostly asked to reboot/restart the console before they came over for checking). And i totally believed it was LFM. However, Main problem: there's nothing special, maybe just a little more happier from my target. My target, Mr Wolf, oh let me introduce some backgrounds of us. We are co-workers and knowing each other for 8 years. We started dating on December 2014 but end up he asked for break up on May 2016. He told me that he was happy with me and we did have a really good memories. So, Mr Wolf is my ex; and he wants to focus on work and study more than a relationship. Yesterday, I worn Lace and tried my best to keep distance within 3 feet around Mr Wolf, kept him stay for discussions. No special effects from him after our 15mins discussion; we then went back to our own working counters, i found him looked at me a few times in whole morning, specially when customers approached me; also, he was active to solve things for me. (Im not sure it was Lace or just being gentle as an ex). For other co workers, i noticed every one around me was happy and chatty even we were over workload last night, all seemed helpful and helped me to move stuffs. And about my gotcha order, I received last night and IMMEDIATELY opened and tried. I didn't see any self effects and I applied on today. I applied Gotcha in between of girls ,a V on chest, 2 stripes on both side of my neck. I didn't apply on belly as time is not allowed in the morning; and I could only do my applications in Office washroom. After 20 mins, the oil was still wet on my skin (I found no problem on drying with Lace), but I saw Mr Wolf was arriving and i just simply did 4 sprays of LFM on my chest, 1 spray each on both side of my neck and 1 spray each on both arms. Because the oil was still wet, i just spread them by back of my hands. Mr Wolf came to work with his tired face, no Good morning, no speaking. Like half hour later, he came to me with his coffee and we started chatting. We were arranged to work for the same issue this morning, but not too much chatting during working. Before we went out for lunch, I re-applied a few sprays of LFM. I picked a seat next to him, in order to let him 'smell' me. Again, I didn't notice any effects on him. However, when got back to work, I found his eyes searched me on the Sales floor for a few times, like he needed to make sure that I was in his sight. Was it count as one of effect? After 1 hour re application? Now, Im thankful if you are still reading my long post. Am sorry if my English is not good and my grammar sucks; i have some questions and seek for your comments and suggestions. I read that some of you had a good experience with mixed LFM and Gotcha. Was I applying correctly? The layer should be Gotcha oil first then LFM spray? So far, I'm not sure about self effects, I just feel 'normal' at all. But the scent of LP Pink is real good on me and I keep putting up my arms and smell it. Vampire Bait is good too. Does smoking affect the pheros? (Haha I really love the scent of LP Pink. I smell well even after smoking, and it lasts long). Does anyone here smoke too? I did a search at forum, but seem no one mentioned. I found hardly produce body heat in indoor area with high cool air con. I can't turn it low and makes the oil diffuse slowly (Please correct me if my thought is wrong). I used to have TAH in spray and I found the scent and effect were gone so fast like in 2 hours, also i had problems on the self effects. As i mentioned above, Gotcha oil takes me so long to dry down and I can't help on diffusing. Im thinking to order in Spray, but my concern is the duration on my skin. I will try again Gotcha w/ LFM next Tuesday when I work with Me Wolf. Meanwhile, Im thinking on PM, I wanna be closer again with Mr Wolf, more communication and recall him how great time we had before, feel wanted. Mr Wolf is a negative person, he sees world is negative and sometimes occur bad temper and stuck himself in his world. I want to imprint him as the one he can rely on and reduce his anxieties. Do you think PM can work like that, or any pheros you suggest to me? Sorry again for taking your time to read my long long post. I look forward for your comments and responses. And thank you.
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