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    @Kayla I'm definitely learning to start with tiny swipes and build from there.
  2. kittylittle


    Nice to meet you @androstenol I was wondering what was doing what. So far I think I've figured that Estratetraenol might be giving me the munchies though I'm not certain yet.
  3. This one really calms me down, which is the point I guess. It's also extremely familiar smelling. That may be partially the comfort level but I also feel like it smells like things I usually like though I can't put my finger on exactly what or even which note is doing it since I don't have a nose for things like this yet. The best I can figure it may be oak moss? My cousin also finds it familiar and he generally doesn't like scented things. I think this is a favorite and something that I'll have to get more of, certainly partially because of the Phero but also, the scent is definitely a winner. There's also a weird side effect where my teeth feel funny. Maybe it's my sinuses reacting It's not bad, just unusual.
  4. I don't know how to feel about this one. I'm new to pheromones so I decided to experiment and put it on my wrists and on my trunk. I did see cops might not be good on the wrists but I also wasn't sure that there was enough in this for it to matter. Well, no cops smell but the patchouli went crazy on my wrists and then died down into a mild patchouli musk. The sweetness seems to come out after a bit but there's only a tiny bit. The scent on my trunk stayed nice and soft and fairly sweet, mostly apricot and very quiet patchouli. No cinnamon, maybe a little bit of honey and I think the vanilla is tying things together in the background. I think I get the amber but in my nose it tends to blend with patchouli and honey. I like it on my trunk. On my wrists it might be nice under certain situations. Edit. After thirty minutes I burned most of the scent off and it's like I used a new soap which is a positive for me since it shouldn't be too strong for anyone.
  5. I like the Mega Watt which woke me up immediately once I put it on after a nap but the scent is just a little itchy in the nose for me. (Sometimes I react to citrus that way.) Fortunately, it's pretty nice once it has a little time to wear and since I wore it fresh in a confined space (a car) I think it might work pretty well under other circumstances. I can't say much about notes because they tend to blend together for me but both the scent and the Mega Watt were invigorating.
  6. kittylittle


    Thanks for the welcome, quietguy. I think I'm the same. I wasn't interested in the scents and then I tried them and I didn't know about the forum and then I read everything. I work quickly. Though...Lace is pretty intoxicating. I think I'm equally here for all of the things.
  7. kittylittle


    Hi all, I'm new to pheromones but I tend to get interested in topics pretty quickly so I've already bought a bunch of stuff. The first order that came I accidentally dosed myself with the little bit that got on my fingers opening the vials. Love Potion Red with Lace, Hush with Balm Bomb and Manda Panda with Megawatt. I think I'm pretty sensitive because a tiny bit on a finger got me feeling a bit tipsy (definitely in a good way.) Anyway, cheers! Happy to be here and reading everybody's experiences. I'm looking forward to some more self effects.
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